View Full Version : stereo upgrade tips: want a new unit, but maintain the Bose speakers

02-28-06, 12:31 PM
i really like the sound of the Bose speakers, but wish i had MP3 support for the CD player...so i'm wanting to go with a new aftermarket stereo unit.

is it a straight-forward install of a new stereo head unit to work with the OEM Bose speakers? i'm searching the forum for concrete information, but there's alot of stuff here.

03-05-06, 11:05 AM
the consensus is that any change will involve stereo-unit and speakers and wiring - the full monty. a partial swap-out of the bose system isnt feasible.

however, this is an alternative...10-disc changer...integrates w/ bose factory stereo, including steering-wheel controls...and plays MP3s.


03-09-06, 09:53 PM
that cd changer sounded NEAT as heck.. but i researched it, and all the online stores that had it said it had been DISCONTINUED. I wonder why? Maybe they're lieing.. haha.