: N* Head Gasket Job, What parts should i BUY

02-28-06, 11:52 AM
I have coordinated a multiparty effort to have the head gaskets on my 96 Eldo reworked. It is such an effort because I am making sure it gets done right. I have 1 party to pull the engine, and a 15 year caddy dealer veteran mechanic to do the engine work. I will purchase all the GM branded parts from a dealer supplier thats being very nice to sell me parts at dealer cost.

I have compiled a list of what I know I need done while its out and parts I believe my caddy engine mechanic will need. Please help me with this list.

I have so far and know items are missing.

Head Gaskets
Upper radiator hose
Lower radiator hose
Serpantine belt
Oil pan gasket? caddy guy will fix persistant oil leak he says
water pump gaskets, water pump is 6mo old gm part
water pump pulley belt, wasnt replaced when i did water pump what the hell
exhaust manifold gaskets
intake manifold gasket ?????????
INTAKE MANIFOLD????? I have read you should repalce it, wonder about that and how much that might be
upper engine mounts, they are blown out
0xygen sensors as needed, emissions light on dash, coolant in exhaust


thanks so much

02-28-06, 02:05 PM
I believe the gasket set (kit) comes with new head bolts. You can't reuse the old ones. Don't forget the Timesert kit and 10 extra inserts (kit comes with 10).

I wouldn't waste money on a new intake unless there is a problem with the old one.

02-28-06, 03:53 PM
Front engine cover gaskets. Cam cover gaskets. Do BOTH sides!

Manifold gaskets are an odd design and GM says they are reusable. I can attest to this, however, they aren't expensive, and as a 1996, I would probably change them.

03-01-06, 12:39 AM
im confused..........i just purchased the head gaskets from the internet and was told by my mechanic that i gotta replace the head cylinders which i can only purchase from the GM dealers....................on rockauto.com i only purchased the new bolts and head gaskets, can someone tell me what else do i need besides that? Also is there any way where i could rent a timesert kit?

03-01-06, 02:44 AM
Replace the cylinder heads? Why? Never heard of that.

Never heard of anyone renting the kit. You might find one on Ebay.

03-01-06, 09:42 AM
Why would you need to replace the cylinder head. Did your timing chain break or something. Did a valve or camshaft break? If so then maybe you would need some valve train work otherwise presumably you would need head gaskets. If your mechanic doesnt have a timesert kit or know what 1 is then find another mechanic right now.

You can also buy parts from www.gmpartsdirect.com
I am in TN and if you are in upper GA or TN you could buy your parts where I am getting mine. I found a place called Ken Smith Auto Parts that is a GM parts dealer supplier for the area. they technically dont sell to the public, however if you call and pay cash they will sell for dealer cost. For instance my blower moter GM brand was only 174.00 where it lists for as much as 300 from what Ive seen.

03-01-06, 11:22 AM
Ask the mechanic to clarify what he wants you to replace. Have him write a list.

Many have replaced the gaskets without doing anything to the cyl heads. No valve job. On these engines the heads are really well designed and will last well past 200,000 miles.

Add the heater blower motor cover. It gets brittle and cracks apart. You might consider a blower motor too...only because they are somewhat hard to replace with the engine in the car. That's just a thought as the blower may outlast the car. If it's noisy at all I'd replace it though.

The best you can do on the timeserts is buy a used kit and resell it when you are done.

03-01-06, 04:33 PM
Back to the thread starting post from me,

My caddy specialist has given me a list of the parts he requires to do the head work only. I have a different guy pulling the engine and transaxle.

I dont know what all these gm part #'s are, could someone help me with this and does his list look like he knows what hes doing? Consider he has agreed to fix the block and oil pan leaks and replace head gaskets with timesert. I will provide the engine and parts. His price is 350.00 for all the labor.

Caddy guys list
QTY: 1 --> 1647477 SEAL
1 --> 3536900 GASKET 0.423
1 --> 3536903 GASKET
4 --> 3532352 PIN
1 --> 12560633 GASKET KIT
1 --> 12560632 GASKET KIT
2 --> 12562046 GASKET 1.079
2 --> 12562047 GASKET 1.079
1 --> 12573948 GASKET 1.079
1 --> 1647185 GASKET
1 --> 1258122 MANIFOLD 1.531
1 --> 12559409 GASKET 1.429
2 --> 3543719 GASKET-OI 1.840
1 --> 25534689 SEAL
2 --> 12558752 SEAL 1.429
1 --> 1647308 SEAL
1 --> 1647311 SEAL ASM
8 --> 3536904 GASKET 0.423
+20 TIMESERTS from cadillac
-----------end mechanics list------------------------

now i have no idea what all that is and how it corresponds to my list. So if i could be advised to the name of the part also that would help. My other stuff is listed below. I will need to remove some of it as its probably on the other list above but I dont know it. Also isnt that a lot of sealant hes got down.

My stuff i know i need

upper / lower radiator hose
serpantine belt
oil pan gasket
water pump gasket
intake manifold gasket
upper engine mounts
2 manifold 02 sensors
cylinder head bolts w/ head gasket

Are we getting closer to everything i need?

03-01-06, 05:16 PM
Go to http://www.gmpartsdirect.com
Plug those part No.'s into the search feature and you should find out what they are.

03-01-06, 06:21 PM
ok the only thing it wrong with my cadi is that it loses coolant and it overheats when i drive it. It will overheat from 220-250 just ridin it for like 10 minutes.......Well from what i heard from 2 mechanics here in miami florida its that I got the rigth parts but what gets messed on the car is the head cylinders and he would have to take them out and either replace them with new ones or gettin them fixed. Like I told you guys I have the head gaskets which cost me 20 dollars a piece and from what I hear in this site I was aware that this was the main problem. The car runs fine, not even losin oil so im really confused on what this mechanics have told me..........

03-01-06, 06:40 PM
You can believe whoever you want. I've done 2 and been on the board awhile. Most of them didn't need a valve job or straightening.

You just said: "The car runs fine, not even losin oil". So why so you think it needs the heads done?????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????
OH Yeah! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

It needs the gaskets replaced to keep coolant in it.

03-01-06, 06:55 PM

you should check your purge line, my purge line was clogged completely and it caused my engine to overheat excessivly. Its a long shot but if thats the case then your coolant will boil and come out of the purge tank while driving.

Search for other posts from me and others regarding Purge Line

Its the metal 3/8 or so tube that runs to your water pump area and under the plastic caddy engine cover on the front side to the purge tank. it has small rubber hoses on each end to connect the purgetank to the purge line, and the purge line to the water pump area, you cant miss it. If it is clogged your car will overheat. I cleaned mine with a coathanger and carb cleaner.

03-01-06, 07:11 PM
tactical..........well i havent checked that but from the compresion test i did, I been told is the head gaskets.......i will try what u said too.

03-01-06, 08:09 PM
If the cylinders were pressure tested, then likely it is bad head gaskets. That is all you should need replaced, not heads, nor should you need the heads milled. Find another mechanic.

03-01-06, 08:55 PM
There is no such thing as a "head cylinder" and if for some reason (warped, cracked, etc) you do need to replace a cylinder head or both, you would probably only know when you had the heads off anyway.

03-02-06, 02:45 AM
He gave you a pretty complete list and he may just be playing it safe with the heads. I stand by what I said...if it runs good now (except for overheating) it should run good with just the gaskets replaced.

Many of the gaskets are "reuseable" but after 10 yrs they are getting hard and "take a set". I agree with replacing them to keep from redoing anything.

Davesdeville is right, you won't know if they need work until you take them off. I'm betting they could be reused as is. The mechanic may push to have them done as insurance.

03-02-06, 10:18 AM

i believe everyone realized the error with "head cylinder" was meant to mean cylinder head. As you would have seen in his post hes not the guy doing the work so that means cadiheartbroken's little mistake should be overlooked. I dont understand the negetativity. We all know what he meant.

Wheres my muffler bearing by the way guys, i think its burned up.

03-02-06, 10:48 AM
Your muffler bearing might be fixable with some JB weld and Seafoam. I think it's behind the ashtray.

03-02-06, 11:06 AM
I need some help with some other gm part numbers. I am having a hard time locating the part numbers.

I need the gm part numbers for the followin parts for 96 Eldo

Serpantine belt
water pump belt
both upper engine mounts, the ones that look like figure 8 u know,
both manifold 02 sensors
and the correct gm seal tabs and timeserts.

Thanks a bunch,

Ill have a fully compiled list of parts generally needed for head gasket repair and definatly for my job once i get the rest of these part numbers.

:) :thumbsup:

03-02-06, 11:32 AM
You should be able to get all the part numbers from http://www.gmpartsdirect.com.

Timeserts from http://www.timesert.com

Sealant tabs from any GM dealer or walmart. Look for Barsleaks product "HDC".

03-03-06, 10:57 AM
Ok heres my final draft list of parts needed to fix block and oil pan leak, and head gasket

Others who may take on this work can use these gm part numbers if you like, these prices are current as of this post on gmpartsdirect

1 1647185 Front engine cover gasket 15.18
1 12581822 Manifold 69.61
1 12573948 Unknown part, 8.31
1 12559409 Engine oil pan gasket 9.62
2 3543719 Engine oil filter adapter hardware 1.92 each
1 25534689 Engine oil level, SEAL 4.19
2 12558752 Engine oil pan gasket 8.82 each
1 1647308 SEAL 19.30
1 1647311 SEAL ASM 8.87
8 3536904 Engine camshaft & Valve cover gasket .89 each
1 1647477 Engine camshaft & Valve cover gasket 7.03
1 3536900 Engine camshaft & Valve cover gasket 8.77
1 3536903 Engine camshaft & Valve cover gasket 8.77
4 3522352 Pin 3.63 each
1 12560633 Cylinder head gasket 45.31
1 12560633 Cylinder head gasket 45.31
2 12562046 Engine coolant pump hardware, gasket 3.58 each
2 12562047 Engine coolant pump hardware, gasket 3.64 each
2 25312203 Manifold 0x Sensors 65.16 each
1 12561088 Serpantiine belt 20.91
1 12588412 Water pump belt 6.52
20 timeserts timeserts 6.00 each

585.58 for the parts above, not bad eh?
my guy to R&R engine/transaxle 600.00
my caddy engine guy for work, 400.00

Plus ill need Dexcool, oil filter, oil, and 2 motor mounts, plus a few hoses

03-03-06, 10:07 PM
hey tactical how u got the timeserts and at that price? If im not mistaken the sell the set at a much higher price at timesert.com.

STS 310
03-05-06, 04:42 AM
Be careful where you put the tabs (lower hose) , and dont, and I mean dont crush them.

Eh Ranger....

03-05-06, 06:34 AM

i believe everyone realized the error with "head cylinder" was meant to mean cylinder head. As you would have seen in his post hes not the guy doing the work so that means cadiheartbroken's little mistake should be overlooked. I dont understand the negetativity. We all know what he meant.

Wheres my muffler bearing by the way guys, i think its burned up.

I was making absolutely sure that he knew that there is no such thing as a head cylinder - I'm not sure how much he knows about engine parts, he very well could've thought a head cylinder and a cylinder head are 2 different parts.

03-05-06, 12:42 PM
Be careful where you put the tabs (lower hose) , and dont, and I mean dont crush them.

Eh Ranger....
Actually, I have put them in the top hose because it was easier to get to without any problems. You are absolutely correct about crushing them though. Much easier to pop them in whole. Crushing is for the 4.9 because you cannot fit them all in the radiator due to the oil cooler line in the side tank.

03-06-06, 10:05 AM
My dealer said they were 6.00 each. Rodgers Cadillac in Knoxville, TN
I dont believe that is for a kit though. The mechanic I have I believe has the tools

03-07-06, 03:22 PM
Sorry to jump onto your thread tactical64 but would you mind inquiring about this part # "3522352 Pin 3.63 each" I am wondering if they are the head locator dowel pins I need to complete my head gasket job.
Thanks JaxxMan

03-09-06, 02:40 PM
The 3522352 number is the block dowel pin. They list for 6.36 each
so the 3.63 price is a good one except you have to pay the shipping.
You will probably need all 4 unless you found a way to get the old
ones out without damaging them. Most local dealers will have them
in stock for the 6.36 price.

03-09-06, 08:21 PM
Thx ramdge the dealers (In Canada) want 12.85 ea. I told them they were crazy and it should be that much for 4 of them. I did some measuring and talked to my local performance shop they use a spring dowel type. Long story short I have some free samples heading my way.

The strange thing is I tried earlier this week to input that part number at gmpartsdirect and I didn't get a responce and tonight I do.

Good luck with your car tactical64 and sorry to intruded on your thread.