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02-27-06, 06:34 AM
The drivers side low beam on my 2000 has gone out. I looked under the hood and there's no way I can get that bulb out. Does anyone know how to replace the bulb? Do I have to remove the entire headlight assembly? If I do, is there an easy way to do it? One more question....since the one bulb blew (I can see it..the bulb is black), should I replace the other one also? Thanks in advance.

Daryl in KY
02-27-06, 08:23 AM
It's been about 3 years since I replaced my bulbs. It isn't obvious but it doesn't require the removal of the HL assembly. I hope you have your owners manual. The OM gives the instructions. OEM bulbs aren't that expensive, so I would replace both of them while your at it.

If you don't have your OM, reply and I'm sure that someone will post the instructions.

02-27-06, 10:53 AM

I'll look in the OM when I get home tonight.

02-27-06, 07:00 PM
There's a screw at the top of the light under the hood... (if it wasn't raining I would take a picture for you to see) You must unscrew it until the headlight assembly for just the headlight falls out. Then unscrew the light bulb and put in replacement, and your done. Just put it back together but make sure to test your light against your garage at night to make sure when you put it back on it's level with your other headlight. That screw adjusts the height too.