: Dew Cadillac St. Pete, FL

02-27-06, 01:51 AM
I took my cadillac into them for a recall first thing they say to me when i walk in the service door is "would you like a soda or water?" go to any other dealership and get that kind of service. I told them that my car needed the fuel rail to be replaced wich was a plasic one needed to be replaced with a stainless steel one. they told me they had the parts in stock but did not have time to do the work today and asked if ide like to leave it overnight and i said thats fine let me call a ride they were like no let us give you a ride. so they give us a free ride home. they call the next day its done. we get up there to pick it up and they bring it right out. we were there maybe 5minutes at the most. they put these dress up covers on my sparkplug wires that i never had and washed my car all for free. They even got the crap off my rims. MY RIMS ARE CLEAN!!! lol sorry i couldnt get the crap off of them. great customer service, great work. A++++ If you ever need work done on you cadillac or want to purchase one i recomed them.