: Well almost made my mind up, trade in the V for one of these...

02-27-06, 12:55 AM

Just dont know yet.. They told me at Merc they would give me top dollar on trade in, way over blue book due to all the mods i have done to the V, and since it was done by mostly GMAC and other certified ppl..

So hmm what will it be.. I did great last year on money income with the condos and other investments so i can splurge for sure.. but i want something that is going to hold up, great service, back there service and of course haul ass... any of the above i can still modify to go quicker, but how fast is enuff? where and when can i use it besides a track, or get permission to use a closed facility track.. would love to try Nuremburg with that SLR.. that would be awesome, but i dont know if they will let me.. im going to Germany in about 9 months.. so maybe if i throw them a few bones i can use the track while it is closed or out of season... i have some contacts over there i will let them chk it out..

IF you guys had a choice which one would you prefer? be serious now, cause you guys know i always am..

later blitzer..

02-27-06, 01:13 AM
Since you can afford an slr. For about 100-200 grand more you can buy this
Cop and paste links.

If you have to choose between the two I would get the SLR.....actually since if you just want to be really exclusive get the slr if you don't want to as exclusive which it's still exclusive as hell get the 65.

02-27-06, 01:33 AM
JFYI, it's Nuerburgring.

02-27-06, 01:36 AM
You know what dude.....come to think of it I would get a Ford GT
It's only 150k and with a pulley, exhaust and a chip you will get about 600rwhp.

02-27-06, 01:59 AM
Thanx for the correction Mutlu.. never good with foriegn wording...

Also thanx for the other reccomendations.. I have looked and shopped for awhile now.. I like the similiar type of Onstar system in case something goes wrong, some of the other sports cars dont have anything not even an alarm, like the Laborghini <-- misspelled most likely.. that sux something of that price and your stranded on the road esp if your cell is out of area.. or you need a sat phone.. As soon as i get moved to colorado, im driving to Denver, that is the merc dealer i have been chatting with. They seem really nice and treat yo totally different.. I remember back in the day, at the caddy dealer they would treat as gold, now it is crappy.. npt all dealers, but a few is aweful and damn right degrading.. But thanx for the links im going to research some of those and do a comparison chart..

later guys.. blitzer..
Also, if i do this, and i sell my V, alot of you have seen, some have driven it, and you know what i have in it and i fast it is, and i will make a good deal if the dealer changes there mind..

02-27-06, 02:01 AM
I would say that you should take your punk ass out to PIR with me and some of my buddies so we can tear ass around it. We're renting the track next month for 8 hours... you game?

02-27-06, 02:09 AM
i woulkd get the carrera GT over any of the cars mentioned. Its looks are stunning, performance off the charts. Blitzer please go look at and test drive one immediately...by far the sickest car i have ever ridden in or driven

02-27-06, 02:22 AM
Hey Blitzer!

I still like these: http://www.koenigsegg.com/thecars/index.asp?submenu=4

02-27-06, 03:11 AM
Ok i will chk yhose out guys..

Jbeechel, if i can make it back from colorado in time yes, but you realize im moving right? The truck comes tuesday, will on the way to Co wed. So i will have to drive back to do it, which i dont mind.. i have to be back in phoenix on the 8th anyway, when exactly are talking about, date, time? if you know yet.. i might have another ride by then, but im still game. cant let wife know she will freak, she is already worried about the quickness of my ride already since she had our first child, so she is very paranoid going thru the post depression thing atm.. telling me stufff like, would it be so nice to take your son to see his daddies grave stone.. blah blah.. lol so im getting it on that end bad.. she does not understand about the merc, that Slk, she thinks is a safe family ride, she doesnt know it has 650 hp..lol when i get thru with it, it will most likely have 700 to 850.. they make a bad ass twin turbo for for it that will produce an extra almost 100 hp for each turbo, if ya tweak it some the turbos that is, ya might get 125 out of each one, but plus the 650 already is way fast enuff... remember awhile back i told ya'll i got into a race with one that looked just like it.. but i was lucky we were already doing 100 plus when we caught up to each other.. and i gave him hell with the maggiefied V with xtras, yes he won and finally pulled away but that was because his gear ratio would allow higher speed for that rear end plus we had to back off, traffic on 202 was getting bad and 168 was way to fast and stoooopid... i never do that, i dont knopw what overcame me... i get shivers thinking about it.. especially with new son just born, and that time he was 2 months from being born... i got to setle down and do that kind of stuff on proper places like salt flats, tracks...

thanx again guys for the info, i will chk them out, all of them before i make my mind up.. i need to buy before end of march though so tax man will not punish me for moving cash flow from escrow and investment accounts or i will pay dearly.. so i need to spend it before they take there 33%... uuhhgg..

later blitzer

02-27-06, 03:16 AM
hey heavy that Koenigsegg CCR is bad.. i have seen them before at a car show, never driven one though, i have test driven alot of models that are real close to that.. i will see where a dealer showroom is that is close, maybe denver has one, or hell i guess i can fly to where one is, i think there is one in Miami..

thanx heavy... how ya been too bro,, long time.. good to hear from ya..
later blitzer

02-27-06, 10:47 AM
Going to a 50K cadillac to a 500K mercedes??
Are you on ludes? there not even in the same stramosphere? this post just doesn't even approach anything remotely sane!
What does one do finance it?? I doubt it, my guess is everyone who purchases a 500K car pays cash and has a net worth of 30 plus million and a income of 1.5 million per year at least.
I actually know people with this level of worth and income and all of them would not even look at a V.

Sorry of my 1st "bashing" on this list but this is the most rediculous post I have read ever. Plus I HATE it when people "talk" about there income and money online.
sorry blitzer but IMHO you had it coming. :thepan:
Now to dream....thats another story. I dreamnt I lived in nebraska and had $350 million overnighted to me!!!!

02-27-06, 11:15 AM
I agree with Moldy. I will never spend that kind of scratch on a car. I could see the GT for 165k, but that is the upper limit. 1/2 mill for a car? No thanks.

02-27-06, 11:31 AM
Blitzer I have inspected both...One of my clients neighbor has the SLR...

Interior looks cheap...They even glue on a BIG ass SLR under the radio...

Looks ghetto...

The Porche Carrera GT is NIIIICE! all around go for that!

02-27-06, 11:53 AM
hey blitzer...


buy my car...mod it and beat it. use it for parts, who cares. brand new diff going in.
my wife would thank you.

edit: i will drive it to you even.

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02-27-06, 12:14 PM
Well if you're undecided, how about:

"Three different performance steps are available: 530 bhp, 560 bhp and 650 bhp. The 650 bhp 3.8 liter engine is of a new construction, which sets a new benchmark in performance and torque."

"The suspension is engineered for a maximum speed of more than 219 mph."

They are located in Dallas, TX

02-27-06, 12:43 PM
The rims on the SL65 are some of the best I have ever seen up close. Personally like the looks of the SL over the SLR.

fyi: MotorWeek just had an article saying power is being bumped up on all of the SL AMG models.

02-27-06, 12:53 PM
Interesting dilemna. Maybe you should check out the episode of Fifth Gear that aired (or re-aired) on the Speed channel this weekend ( I think it was this weekend - I'm a bit behind on the old TIVO). Some of you may have seen it.

Anyway, this millionaire chap from England was enlisting the gents from Fifth Gear to select new cars to replace his aging fleet. He wanted a small car to park/drive in London, an image car, a supercar, and a race only car. He also wanted good value, no premium payments for high-demand cars, and high resale value.

They brought out a bunch of cars they picked for a rainy day track test drive. Funny choices for each category, like Nissan Micra, Ford Focus, Caterham 7, all the way up to Ferrari 456 and Pagani Zonda. In the end, the guy chose a Mini Cooper for about town, an SL 55 for image/sport, Catherham 7 for racing, and chose the Zonda for supercar (but then said he wouldn't part with that much money for a car at this point in his life). Interesting part was seeing how a millionaire would spend his money, and where he wouldn't. Wouldn't even get in the focus, but he did drive the Nissan Micra (although he hated it).

Your post is pretty ridiculous. Like this show, there are too many factors involved and only you know what ulitimately drives your selection.

Anyway, check out the show for a laugh.

Brian R.

02-27-06, 02:07 PM
Blah blah blah, I'm moving away from the hottest real estate market in the country and I'm a real estate investor.

Cut the bullshit, you know you'll end up back here. And if you're here the 8th, my rugrat is the 9th, and you can see the kid and then we can see if I can keep off the walls to see him get older than a few days!

Bring it bitch!

02-27-06, 04:11 PM
I say you get the 997 Turbo. Maybe even wait for the 997 Turbo S, but you seem to like modding the hell out of things, so maybe the Turbo will take a nice ride to Gemballa or RUF ;)

02-27-06, 07:14 PM
konigsegg is awesome but it's the most unreliable supercar anyone has ever seen.

Here are my suggestions over SLR
Carerra GT (watch out, this car will bite your head off if you make a mistake)
Saleen S7 (Twinturbo'ed)
Mosler MT900S
997 Turbo/S

02-27-06, 08:34 PM
Thanx for the correction Mutlu.. never good with foriegn wording...

You funny, mon!

His & hers SL65's, and you can still pocket some cash. And don't let anybody knock your success: if you got it, and wanna flaunt it, then flaunt it.

-- Libertarian LawFive

02-27-06, 10:03 PM
First of all you can bash all you want. Second, it is none of your business how much money i have or make. And if i have the money to buy a V, a 500k merc, and 2 of each i will do just that, what i want when i want.. Im sorry your income level is poor or does not exceed mine, if it did you would not even make these jealous type comments. You dont know me and you dont know the multi business i own. But one thing i will do, if and when i do decide to buy what i want i will post as usuall my pic with the car, alot of ppl know me and know what i look like, and a copy of bill of sell would be enuff... also i write a check for my vehicles, all it takes it one phone call or a certified check from my bank and it is a done deal... So learn business before bashing ppl you have no knowledge about, what idiots.. This is the kind of bs price one must pay when you go a step higher, esp if those can't keep up with the jones's.. dont be so damn jealous over ppl that worked there asses off to have what they have made in time to cherious it, you can't even imagine what i have been thru and have done to get as far as i have in life, your brain would explode.

I never bragged about having anything in my first post, i just asked opinions on autos.. thats it.. alot of ppl on here have met me in person and know me and i am a humble person imo, and the ones that know me personaly i am pretty sure would back me up.. if you knew me you would have never, never made those comments. Life is short, one day you will understand how un-useful bashing can be and so wasteful of ones integrity..


02-27-06, 10:14 PM
If your gonna buy two, you can buy one for me while your at it.:thumbsup:

Some of these guys are worse then the stock chat room freaks.

I expect you to give rides at the very least.:thumbsup:

By the way, I retired in Oct Blitzer.

Now I can spend all my time fixing what I break on my V.:eek:

02-27-06, 10:16 PM
Hey law, longtime brother.. how you been.. we need to meet up again sometime.. lasttimew was fun, but too short.. maybe you can come to colorado do some skiing... The other guys i know, your welcome too.. im not far from pergatory ski resort, so maybe next year snow levels will be better, those that can not ski, no fear we will snowmobile, i now some places that are a blast and on my property. so think ok guys..
later blitzer..

02-27-06, 10:19 PM
Gee, how nice that they are giving you top dollar on your trade!

02-27-06, 10:21 PM
Congrads Heavy! Good for you bro! Yep you got all kinds of time now, so now you can come up to Co. to ok.. you know you are always welcome my friend.. Congrads again on the retirement!

later blitzer

02-27-06, 10:22 PM
Gee, how nice that they are giving you top dollar on your trade!Hay, another v owner in the hood

02-27-06, 10:23 PM
Jschmank, me and you both know thats BS, they just want the sell.. of course they will give me more than the bluebook but look what they gain, they, meaning car dealers all do it, look like they loose to make a gain.. its all a game.

02-27-06, 10:30 PM
Blitzer,I gotta drop a name here if your serious about a merc.Dana Stewart Ewing Autohaus,Dallas area,very good guy,car guy that happens to be in car business.

02-27-06, 10:49 PM
Thanx Rp, i go to Dallas twice a year on business, i will look him up, in fact i will be there april 6th-9th.. I will see what he has to offer for sure..

thank you, blitzer..

02-27-06, 11:02 PM
Thanx Rp, i go to Dallas twice a year on business, i will look him up, in fact i will be there april 6th-9th.. I will see what he has to offer for sure..

thank you, blitzer..I actually bought my V from him,he did a in an out for me and the seller so the seller could get into a new merc.No bs from that guy at all,and very helpfull to boot.If you want something special better order now(boat ride).

02-27-06, 11:47 PM
Whats wrong with the Ariel Atom??? Its a nine minute + video but it is worth seeing the list of cars that this little thing beats. All but one to say the least.

02-28-06, 08:28 AM
hey Blitz, congrats on your success and your family :)

I suggest a new 05 996 Turbo S vert. Tons on e-bay right now, pay 110 tops. The rear "seat" is tight, but an infant carrier can fit there in a pinch.
Keep the V (or dump your beast and buy mine :) ) for your family truckster.


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