View Full Version : Ran with an IS350

JP's V
02-26-06, 10:03 PM
Met a Lexus IS350 (still with window stickers) at a light today. He wanted to play and we both hit it. Took him off the line, slammed into second gear and put about 1.5 car lengths on him by the time I hit the top of second gear and we started to catch up to traffic. He went zooming by as I went to third without much throttle.

Two things -- I was suprised by how quick it was and was pissed at myself for forgetting to turn of the AC before running with him...I may have done a little better.

02-26-06, 10:08 PM
dont forget to put it into competition mode....
Classic that he did a ricer fly-by, so typical.


Seattle CTS-V
02-26-06, 11:03 PM
How much power does the A/C really consume?? Those IS350's are pretty fast. I played with one w/ window stickers about 2 months ago. In a short race you won't put tons of car lengths on them. Go a whole 1/4 mile and the story changes. Remember, the IS350 is an auto and auto's don't make mistakes. You just punch the go-pedal and you get the same 1/4 almost every time. We have to earn our times...from the launch to the finish. I wouldn't sleep on these lil' biatches!