: Synergetic.. Kicker Amp Question

02-25-06, 08:50 PM
What's up?.. I seen a while ago that you run kicker amps, the old school ones. I have my old set-up from my Acura before I traded it for the Escalade. I have 2 DX700's 1 mono channel amps. I had plans to pair them with 2 12W6V2 JL Audio SUBs. I was wondering if you have any connections were I can get the brackets to mount them together and make them look like a single unit? I'm also curious what kind of subs your running? Don't believe I've seen a picture with your subs exposed, can you make any suggestions about pairing subs with these amps? I'll probably upgrade my system sometime near December, just want to do a little research. Thanks for any of, and all your help. Anyone else with information please feel free to post any and all comments.

02-26-06, 10:46 AM
Here is a quick preview:

The subs are the Kicker 10" L-7's. You can have them cheap. We're swapping them for the 10" Solo-X's and adding 7-8 more to make a total of 10-11 subs throughout the vehicle. Don't ask how we're doing it, you'll just see when we're done with it.

I'll try and make a more detailed post later today.

02-26-06, 02:11 PM
Sounds good. I believe we may have a different interpretation of what "cheap" looking at your set-up.. lol What model kicker amps do you have pushing your system? Curious if you know where I can get the adaptors that connect your amps and make them look at one (those end caps). Thanks