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02-25-06, 12:27 PM
I Am A New Member To This Board And A 1st Time Cadillac Owner. I Can Say My 97 Deville Is The Best Car I Have Ever Owned, Very Nice Ride And Plan On Buying More Cadillac's.

My 97 Deville Now Has 107K On It And Is Due Soon For The Total Coolant Flush. After Looking Under The Hood The Only Place I See To Access The Coolant System Is The Tank On Pass. Side With The AC System.... I Was Wondering Were Do You Drain The System From? And Do You Need To Refill It With A Garden Hose Run The Engine, Allow To Get To Temp Then Drain It Again Then Refill With New Dexcool And How Meany GM Pellets Do I Need To Add Afterwords? Or Do I Have To Do Something Totally Different? And One Last Thing How Meany Gallon's Dose The System Hold?

Thanks For Any Help You Guys May Have, Eric

02-25-06, 12:58 PM
Just pop the lower radiator hose off to drain. Don't flush. No need to flush and you do not want to contaminate the system with tap water. Simply drain and refill with 50/50 premix. If you are hung up on flushing then just drain and refill as described several times over the next few thousand miles and "flush" it that way. Use Texaco Dexcool coolant and premix 50/50 with distilled water to refill. Install 3 of the coolant supplement pellets when you refill. Put them in the radiator hose before you reconnect it. Do NOT put them into the pressurized surge tank...they will not get distributed thru the system. Refill the system by pouring slowly into the surge tank. When full, start the engine and rev it to 4000 or so slowly up and down to purge any air out. Top off the pressurized surge tank to about 1.5 inches from the cap and put the cap on.

03-02-06, 01:09 PM
:) Thanks A Lot For The Help. I Will Flush It On My Days Off! Thanks Again!

03-02-06, 03:49 PM
There's a drain pet cock on the driver side under the radiator.
You add coolant through the reservoir.
You need to add tabs or powder but it should be added to the inlet hose directly.
Do a search here and you will see a detailed description of how to do it.
I know I posted a thread on here for 98 deville coolant change or flush.
There are others too.

Good luck.