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02-25-06, 10:48 AM
Hi. I had intended to PM "Nikon" since he recently purchased a MY-05, but since I don't have 50-posts notched in my belt I can't do that:tisk: . So I apologize that rest of you have to suffer with these questions :brutal: .

Without wanting to :horse: :

(1) Are CTS-V covered under Cadillac's CPO program? The dealership I am working with says no.

(2) Has anyone purchased an extended warranty, and if so was it through GM or a third party provider? And what was your cost?

(3) Does your dealer give you a no-cost loaner car when yours is being servcied? My BMW dealer (and I did NOT buy the car from this dealership) always gives me a loaner car when mine is being serivced. (which is much too frequent:rant2: , thus I'm looking for another marque...but I digress)

(4) For those of you that bought used, was the dealer forthcoming with the Vehicle History Report? NOT a Carfax printout---this only traces title. I mean the warranty repair record :contract: that follows the vehicle.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

"If you leave your mind sufficiently open, people will throw a lot of trash into it!" :bighead:

02-25-06, 11:03 AM
The CPO program should cover any car they wish to cover, it's simply adding additional cost to the car to buy a warranty beyond the standard one. I asked about it when I first started looking at the V (the dealership had an used 05 with 3300 miles on it) and they said they would simply cost an additional 1600.00 to make it CPO. So sounds to me like they are buying an extended warranty.

I purchased an extended warranty (GM) with my new V, but it was added into my note along with insurance and LOJack. So I can't tell you it's exact cost. But a call to a dealership, other than the one you're dealing with should answer that and the CPO question.

My dealership does provide a loaner for service as long as you call ahead of time and make a reservation. They could provide one if you just show up, but no guarantee without advanced notice.

02-25-06, 01:21 PM
I bought my used 04 from Sewell Cadillac in New Orleans as CPO for an extra grand. The GM print out now shows warranty good till 100K miles/6 yrs. Sewell did not balk at all when I asked to see the gm repair history including originating dealer (don't want a northern salted car). Any honest dealer should not have a problem providing that. It is an easy querry pulled by a service manager for the salesman. If any dealer/salesperson says no can do get another salesman or ask to the manager. He needs to know what kind of sales people are working for him.

02-25-06, 01:33 PM
I got a loaner no cost even though im "under age" for the enterprise cars and did'nt charge me either, I did'nt bother asking the dealer I bought it from for the printout I went to my old dealer I used to work for and got it there, as far as extended warranty it was 1500$ which they said was a cadillac used car certified warranty and was basically an extension of factory warranty which gave me the 6yr, 100k, which is nice, My buying experience was great but ya, so far service sucked. and sorry I dont know what CPO is.

02-25-06, 04:23 PM
I bought mine Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) from a dealer in Jackson MS. CPO includes an extended warranty - 6 years/100,000 miles

The salesman at the dealership showed me the service history on the car before I bought it, in addition to the CarFax.

I've taken it in (by appt) to the Joe Bullard Cadillac in Mobile, AL and they provided a loaner. Loaners are subject to availability.

02-26-06, 02:07 PM
Thanks for all of your input!

It seems as if this dealer is not well-informed about Cadillac/GM extended warranty. Also seems to be unable to pull Vehicle record for this car becasue he claims that he wasn't the originating dealer.

I think that I'm going to steer clear away from this shop, and look elsewhere even for the car. I have no interest in giving this b^stard any of my money.

As far as loaners are concerned, even with BMW you have to arrange to have the service schedled when a car is available. I was more curious to learn whether your Caddy dealers provide no-cost loaners. I know that the Volvo and Subaru dealers down the road don't (charges $50/dy).

02-26-06, 02:28 PM
post the VIN and James from Lindsay will post the GM history.
Alternaltively, join as a supporter, PM Lindsay Cadillac with the VIN and james will hook you up.
Don't buy from a dealer who is too stupid to pull the history.

My dealer gives me free loaners all the time when making a service appointment. Usually they only need 1-2 days notice. And if you tip your service adviser well (read: his favorite booze) you'll get a DTS or SRX like me.

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