: Renick Cadillac - Fullerton, CA

02-24-06, 10:49 PM
Although this dealership has been around since 1953, they treat you with dismissal if you go to them as an informed customer. A Technical Service Bulletin brought to their attention is viewed with disgust (although it may well highlight exactly your issue) and they will act as though they are doing you a big favor to look at the issue. They dissuade you from a loaner car as much as possible. Their Sales Staff is an Old School move-up mentality of car sales as well. All and all, a dealership that has seen its day and is terribly out of touch with the realities of the current world. Save yourself the grief...go elsewhere.

Two Major thumbs down.

06-08-07, 01:21 PM
I have had the same experience at Renick in Fullerton. I took info that I received from this site which could be very helpful in troubleshooting the issues and the service person basically dismissed the info that referred to the TSB on my complaint.

My feeling...I took the time out of my day to do the research to help them trouble shoot and fix the problem and to have them dismiss my findings was unsettling. Fortunately, the service repair tech heard the noises and all of a sudden, they started listening to me and fixed the other problems.

One other note....Renick would only pay for one day of a car rental and blamed Cadillac warranty on that. They told me that Cadillac warranty only covers one day of a rental car. So now I have a one to pay for day two, which I will argue.

Looks like I’ll need to try Whittier the next time if I need service and or warranty work.