: Bose Radio in V

02-24-06, 04:16 PM
Like many of you, I had to have the radio replaced because of peeling paint on the faceplate. What an idiotic design!
Ever since, the radio does not seem to sound as good in any mode (CD. radio). I didn't notice it right away, but I remember the radio sounding amazing when the car was new.
Are there different radios available for the V (higher and lower fidelity versions?) or are my speakers just worn out (which seems highly unlikely).
Has anyone else experiended this?

02-24-06, 05:08 PM

I believe all CTS-V's come with the same exact radio. I have the 06 V and my Bose stereo already has problems with the tweeters coming loose, so I hear rattle in the pillars. Overall the stereo sounds pretty good for Bose, but I always upgrade to aftermarket system, and use Focal speakers and Focal subwoofers to complete one of the best and loudest sounding sound systems out there.


cts-v ls6
02-24-06, 06:27 PM
I seem to remember there are 5 or 6 different eq settings available under the "audio" button. Have you reset/played with those? You can change the sound significantly in the V by tweaking these settings, or changing the "mode" ( driver's seat, etc.)