: Compustar 2wss-as remote starter porblem

02-23-06, 08:50 PM
I have a 99 Escalade with a 2wss-as Compustar system installed. It was not installed by a dealer, I installed it. I like the system but am having a problem. When I use the remote starter I get a check engine light. If I try to drive it the Transmission slips and shifts badly. I have to clear the code then all is OK. The install guide does make reference to a second start wire that needs to he hooked up but it does not tell me to what! Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thank you in advance. George:confused: :hmm:

02-23-06, 11:09 PM
I have the 2W900FMR on a '03 and I get the driver door open msg when I take the vehicle out of park, if I use the remote start. I also get the service stability when I turn the key to accesory. I took it to installation shop and the guy said it was a bad module and replaced it, but I'm still having the same problem. I'm taking it back to the shop in the morning, I'll let you know what they say it may be a similar issue.

02-24-06, 03:02 AM
same thing happened to me in my 02 ext. I had to change the system to a viper. Sorry no other info that i can give.

02-24-06, 06:19 PM
:thumbsup: Done. Got my answer elsewhere.

02-24-06, 06:44 PM
What was the answer? Curious as I am looking at putting one of these in myself.

02-24-06, 08:13 PM
My install guy has to "secure the an accessory wire"

02-24-06, 10:26 PM
The system comes with the 2nd start relay prewired(blue wire). It gets spliced into the 2nd ignition wire (white wire). Then to complete the install you have to splice the return for the relay coil to the green wire on CN2 (ignition output), this little tidbit is not found in any manual. The system is really a great system but please be aware if you buy one from ebay or online you will not get support from compustar.:cool2: :woohoo: :2thumbs:

02-24-06, 11:05 PM
I also had those problems..I pulled it out and went with a clifford (same as viper just a few more options and a c/f remote)
Compustar are real good for turbo applications and vehicles that are manual transmission

02-25-06, 11:59 PM
:thumbsup: Done. Got my answer elsewhere.

Was that from me on Beyond??!!:rolleyes:

03-17-06, 11:09 PM
dude you need to hook up a second ignition wire. it is white in color check it with a test light to make sure . it stays lit while you turn the key to ign and thru cranking starter. when you dont hook it up you code the trans and it doesnt want to come out of second gear. i have been installing starts/accessories for 20 plus years good luck, jim stoveken@cox.net