: Noisy Nivo's? What's this noise??

02-23-06, 04:34 PM
This noise is coming from the driver's side rear of the car, it sounds exactly like the ABS actuator, but amplified 10x. It only occurs after the car has sat over ~4 hours and hitting bumps in the road seems to get it started. The sound varies from .25 second to ~3 seconds and is never consistent enough to take it in for diagnosis. It is almost not enough to bother with, but it is VERY loud outside and my 50k Cadillac should NOT sound like a 70's rust bucket.

Just a guess would be the Nivomats adjusting in a very loud (faulty) way.
Anyone have any guesses or have this happen to them??

02-23-06, 04:49 PM
I had a similar problem on the passenger side rear. Crestview Cadillac replaced the shock, but the noise was exactly the same. I took it back and told them that nothing had changed, so they "tightened the rear suspension." When I inquired further exactly what they had tightened, they revealed that they hadn't properly tightened the shock bolts after replacing the shock.:thepan: