: WildWhl Mod, please explain

Vegas V
02-23-06, 02:42 PM
OK, I want to say thanks to Wildwhl for sending me the nivomat mod package when I became a suporting member of this forum, then I went out and bought a set of Eibach springs for the V, while I was installing the springs, I deceded to do the WildWhl mod on the rear shock, but I didn't quite understood how the rubber grommets and plastic grommets are to be installen on the shock, long story short, my car sits about normal height on the back and about 1.5" lower on the front, what did I do wrong, can someone elaborate the Wildwhl mod?


02-23-06, 04:08 PM
There is a link with pictures somewhere on here. I searched it the other day.

02-25-06, 12:33 AM

Thanks Ody and Reed

Note that the thickness of the spacers I've made is dictated not by need for the mod - but the limits of my laser cutter and the materials used. The kit could be simplified on a cnc machine using aluminum, or 1" thick delrin, etc.