: Bringing the V out from winter storage...

02-22-06, 08:35 PM

Im sure that more than one of us is wintering the V. My question is pretty simple. Since the V has been sitting since Thanksgiving, I really dont want to crank it right up and let the cylinder chambers do their thing without being properly oiled. I was gonna pull the fuel pump fuse and crank it for about 10-15 seconds to get some oil back in the system.
Anyone see any negatives to this (other than crappy weather, wintering the V, and any other smartass warm weather remarks)? :thepan:


02-22-06, 08:52 PM
I would tend to think that cranking it is going to have the same effect as far as no oil there vs starting it. No differance at all. Aside from priming the oil pump separately, you would not be helping anything. Just go ahead and start it up. It should be fine, it has only been sitting for a couple of months.


02-22-06, 08:58 PM
but the RPM's are much slower when cranking vs the 700 rpms at idle...I guess that is my concern.


02-22-06, 09:02 PM
Probably not a good idea to crank the motor without starting it. Several times during the year my car sit for long intervals. When I start the motor I always monitor the oil pressure, within a second or two I see pressure. When cranking the motor and not having it light off, there is insufficent rpm's to get the pressure up. In older motors you could remove the distributor and spin the oil pump with a drill to pre-pressurize the oil prior to starting it, but this is not an option with the type of pump used in the LS1, LS2, LS6, and LS7.

I also use an additive that is the only additive approved for oil by the FAA in airplanes. It's call "Avblend", which uses LinKite. This stuff soaks into the metal for less friction. I've never had oil consumption problems in the many cars I owned that are stored for various periods of time.

02-22-06, 09:12 PM
And oh by the way...if you think there are dry starting problems in car motors consider this. A typical 4 cylinder aircraft powerplant has 360 cubic inches, just imagine the size of the pistons (all that surface area to scuff). Planes generally sit for weeks at a time in the winter. With the right lubricates (and a preheat of the oil when it's real cold), they run faithfully for their entire mandatory TBO's (time between overhauls).

02-22-06, 09:28 PM

As a fellow pilot (ATP) I dig the analogy! I think there are a bunch of us pilots here....


02-22-06, 09:43 PM
How have you let your car sit this long?This winter has been the mildest on record.I let my car sit for a week and I start going through withdrawls.I never noticed all your bikes,my gawd,you have time to ride between cleaning all those.

02-22-06, 09:46 PM
Cleaning? whats that....usually wash the harleys once, maybe twice a season. They all mock me as they sit on their lifts in my garage anxiously awaiting spring. The V laments that my truck gets all the fun in the snow, but I know better than to 6 speed it with 400HP in the snow....just too many worries.


NH Vrod
02-23-06, 07:04 AM

Just start the car! you will gain nothing by cranking it over first, the oil pump does not loose it's prime from setting, and the cylinder walls get there lubrication from the crank whipping oil up under the pistons, so just cranking it adds more to a dry start then just starting it.