View Full Version : Mcgaughy's deluxe kit with new drop shocks

02-22-06, 04:34 PM
anyone with this kit replaced the oem shocks with drop shocks? just ordered a set of 2" drop spindles from stylinconcepts.com and they said that i should keep the factory shocks on. anyone know why?

02-22-06, 04:47 PM
They told you this because on your 03 you likely have autoride shocks (air pressure shocks) in the rear. They build up pressure when there is extra weight in the rear. You can replace them, with a Nitro or Bilstein however you will have a "service ride control" light on the dash. On some other forums people are trying to figure out how to trick the system into thinking, they are still connected. I also looked into see if this could be eliminated with a custom pcm tune.... however no luck...this data is stored in the BCM.. you can find more info on perfomancetrucks.net...

honestly I was very happy with the ride quality of the 2/3 on my factory shocks...

Did you order the springs as well or just the spindles? it will look real funny without the springs in the rear!!

02-22-06, 04:51 PM
that's cool - less money for me to spend! i figured those guys at stylinconcepts.com know what they're talking about.