: Interior Clean???

02-22-06, 02:44 PM
Can anyone suggest anything to clean my car with (vinyl and plastic)?? I hate using armour all and 2001 and all that crap. I find it attracts the dust quicker. I usally use a swiffer duster but I want to get it all clean first. any suggestions? thanx in advance.

02-23-06, 02:31 AM
OK, I'm unable to resist rant mode here. Then I will try to respond to your question.

Rant mode:

I detest Armor-All and I fear it. I think it causes cancer! :stirpot: (you were warned; this is rant mode)

Armor-All is sort of like the roach motel - it goes on but it does not come off, at least not easily. When it does come off on your pants you have a shiny rear end. The stuff was conceived by the devil.

I do not trust the chemical companies who invent stuff like Armor-All. I do not want that chemical in my car because I do not want the stuff in my body. The reason is: it persists. It does not degrade and it does not go away, at least not readily.

I think if the manufacturers of Armor-All knew it was a threat, they would not tell us. One of these days the bad news will come out . . like with Teflon.

Armor-All might be OK for tires, but I do not want it INSIDE my car where I spend time. And I don't like the way it leaves vinyl looking, either. Super shiny is not my idea of attractive.

(now descending from soapbox, abandoning rant mode)

Ahhhh. That feels better.:)

OK, the above being obvious, and agreeing with you, two more thoughtful choices remain:


I would experiment with both. Neither should harm the vinyl. You can clean with a sponge or rag, perhaps use an old soft toothbrush to reach into the interstices.

So there you go. You can listen to my sage, calm, reasoned counsel, or you can consult a source with more authority but less passion:


02-23-06, 03:18 PM
hey what it do maine take it and have it detailed maine thats the best thing to do