: Ctsv Oem Take Off Rims - Mint Condition

02-22-06, 11:31 AM
I have (4) 2005 Cadillac CTSV take off OEM 18 x 8.5" wheel rims (wheel rims only - no tires or sensors) that are available for sale.

Less than 100 miles on them and they have been treated with both Rejex and Zoop Seal and are literally in showroom mint condition.

The rims are in "mint condition" and are available for individual sale. You are welcome to all 4 rims, but there are no discounts for the package of 4 as I would much rather see them go to individual owners as a "spare".

It's always a safe bet to have a "spare OEM wheel rim" available should the dreaded curb rash or damage occur to one of your OEMS's from a pot hole.

When that happens; the dealer has you buy the "rear end" and you'll be scrambling for a replacement at "dealer counter cost.

I will offer these CTSV OEM wheel rims for individual sale at $350 each plus UPS shipping and insurance. Paypal is gladly accepted with a 3% surcharge.

I have always made it a practice when ordering custom rims to have a 5'th rim ordered just for that very scenario.

This is the "very best" wheel rim insurance that money can buy with GM having allot of National backorder problems with many components for both the CTSV and the CTS.

If you have any interest in "Spare Wheel Rim Insurance"; please email me directly at:

pietro@comcast.net (pietro@comcast.net)

I will not be checking the forum for interest in these OEM CTSV wheel rims.