: 02 Engine cover on my 03 ESV

02-22-06, 10:29 AM
Just a little detail, I bought the middle engine cover from the dealer for $50 off of a 02 it has the Cadillac enblem with some writing that says exclusive built for cadillac. Its looks way better than the 03 + Vortec 6000 cover. 5 min install.

04-26-06, 06:51 PM
I know this is off the subject, but I did a search and at one time you were selling chrome tow hooks. Do you have a source where you can get them for $80 or were they yours and you were just selling them. I am looking for a pair at your price range.

Thanks for your help

04-27-06, 12:41 PM
What was the part number of that piece I would like one as well.

04-27-06, 01:47 PM
post a pic of it, will ya?

04-27-06, 02:37 PM
I will post pic and part # tomorrow:)

05-01-06, 10:40 AM
How about that pic and part number?

05-10-06, 09:40 AM
Hey MJA your pm box is full... can you please share the part number for this piece i would really like to add this, Thanks

06-19-06, 06:00 PM
does anyone know the part number of the 02 engine cover with the caddy emblem on it? is it still available?

06-19-06, 07:36 PM
Thats what im trying to find out as well

06-19-06, 09:24 PM
well can you pm me or just post on here if you can find it i've been looking everywhere and no luck either