: MP3 - CD Changer 97 Catera with Bose, Suggestions?

02-21-06, 10:45 PM
I've searched the forums regarding CD changers and MP3 compatibility. None of those threads gave an up-to-date final recommendation.

It appears Crutchfield has a 6 CD Changer, USA Spec SCD-G190CAD,
the factory unit (AC DELCO) is a 12 CD changer, and there is something called NEO changer which is subpar. My factory CD Changer just went bad, and I would love to replace it with a CD changer that plays MP3's, that will still work with my Steering Wheel controls.

Any suggestions? I am getting tired of just the radio. Thanks

11-27-08, 10:49 PM
Hey mate,

From my experience the only way to make MP3 work without messing up the excellent BOSE system is with Aux2Car link thru your cd-changer connection.

Best of luck,


11-28-08, 07:13 AM
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