: Sit-Flat?

02-21-06, 08:43 PM
2 screws, 1 in the sidewall, oh well, needed new tires anyway. New Proxes T-1Rs ordered (can't wait for the GS-D3s):crying2: . The question is can the F1s sit overnight with 0 air pressure and still get me ~50 miles in the morning? or should I leave the tire off the car tonight, mount it in the morning and drive?

Oh, and a BIG thanks to James at Lindsay (best Caddy dealer on the planet) for e-mailing the FE4 alignment specs:thumbsup: . I was just concerned after looking at the FAQ and only seeing FE1 and FE3 specs

02-21-06, 09:31 PM
Yes. It will look the same in the morning. I drove nearly a 100 miles on a LR with '0' air pressure (bad valve). Long story why I had to do it. Go easy, the handling will be squirmy, but it will get you there.