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03-16-03, 03:08 AM
Hi Everyone. I'm on this site because I want to learn more about my new car, 1991 Fleetwood, FWD with only 34,000kms on it. My parents bought a new DTS, so I got the old one. I am Ralph from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

03-16-03, 09:38 AM
Good morning Ralph! And a hearty welcome from the gang here at cadillacforums......Have fun!

03-16-03, 09:47 AM
Hey Ralph! This is the place to be for Cadillac info. And it can also be fun here too.

03-17-03, 06:37 PM
I like Ralph! I think we're gonna get along just fine!!!

03-17-03, 06:43 PM
Didnt you say that when I came along!!! HA

Welcome aboard, Ralph. You will find out this is the best cadillac site on the net. Hows the weather up there in Canadia (canadians should come from canadia, not canada)

03-17-03, 06:52 PM
Yeah! I did...And it's true Wes, I do like you and get along with you. I definetly DON'T agree with you sometimes but That's par for the course, Isn't it? Your a very young guy and sometimes you get a little balled up in what you're trying to say ( and we never let you get away with it ) But you do hold your own here with some real bright guys.....And Katshot. LOL! So do not think that we tease you 'cause we don't like you. I think it's quite the contrary! If I didn't like you I wouldn't even respond to your posts!

03-18-03, 01:59 AM
Hey Elwesso, the weather sucks up here. We had -40 with the windchill for about a month. That my friends proves the reliability of any car! Our extremes are -40 to +40. I bet you guys still think we are all in igloos, just kidding, actually it was so hot last summer, the highway started to melt on the way to Yorkton. Or, that could have been a Caddy that did that. Later.

03-19-03, 01:17 AM
How do you guys get those pics and stuff on the left side margin, eh?

03-19-03, 03:14 PM
Goto user CP, edit options, and click on avatar. I know you have to have a certain amout of posts in order to do it, but im not sure on that number.

03-23-03, 12:30 AM
Does anybody think, or have they experienced BETTER treatment at a dealership because of what they drive? When I took my car in to the dealer to have the radio removed for repair, they practically rolled out the red carpet! I know that when you buy it new, there are supposed to be certain "privilages", with the black card and all, but what else are they supposed to do differently when you buy a new Caddy?

03-26-03, 02:05 AM
I got my radio/stereo installed again, total cost 200 dollars. I guess there was some internal work they had to do, Exactly what I don't know for sure. Thanks for all your opinions and help everyone.

03-26-03, 04:51 PM

03-30-03, 01:32 AM
How much is the gas where you live?