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01-04-04, 04:43 AM
Hey guys,

Just logged in for the first time. My son-in-law just bought an 82 Fleetwood with a 4100 engine. Doing a few repairs and hoping to get some info from this sight.

I haven't worked on many Cadillacs, since I'm a chevy muscle car nut. I am finishing up a frame off of my 69 SS Chevelle.

01-04-04, 06:45 AM
It sounds to me like you both have great taste, although I'm a little suprised the vehicle ownership isn't reversed :bouncy: I owned all my muscle cars during the late 70's thru the 80's and now comfort is secondary to power :yup: O.K., I still want power too :coolgleam Anyway, :welcome: and please post some pictures of both rides! :worship:

01-06-04, 03:16 PM

01-06-04, 04:56 PM
WElcome aboard