: Tire Time

02-20-06, 03:13 PM
Okay, the urge has set in and I’m ready to purchase a set of tires for my still in the box CCW SP600’s. I’m planning to go with a Toyo Proxes T1r. My question lies around sizing. My plan was to go with 245/40/19 (front) and 285/35/19 (rear) which many have done.

Then, I started think that maybe a 255 up front might look more aggressive. I’m looking to you all for suggestions and comments.

Thanks in advance!!!!

02-20-06, 03:33 PM
What are the widths on your 19" wheels? Looks like you are going with the correct tire size for front and back to match stock diameter.

I'm running, and this won't compare to your wheels but at least you'll get an idea, a 235/35/20 on a 8.5" wide rim. It looks ok. I would've preferred a 245/35 but Asanti went too aggressive with their offset. The 235/35 doesn't look as square as I would like it to be. In the back, I have a 275/30/20 on a 9.5" wide rim. It looks square in back like I wanted.

I say don't go too crazy in the front. There isn't that much room for error there. I think the tire sizes you have already are a good choice.

Here is a picture of the car with 245/35/20 in front, and they rubbed. The back are the 275/30/20. Since then, I've lowered the back. It doesn't look high in back anymore.

02-20-06, 03:46 PM
19x8.5 (front) and 19x10 (rear) - I'm considering lowering as well.

On a side note, you car looks great!!!!

02-20-06, 03:48 PM
Just do 245/40 and be done with it. Stop messing around with something that won't get you any real benefit.

02-20-06, 04:34 PM
Post pics when you make your final decision. The 1.5 increase in the back should look great.:bouncy:

02-20-06, 06:07 PM
Velose - Those wheels are the SCHIZNIT! What are they? Asanti? What model?


02-20-06, 06:24 PM
Post pics when you make your final decision. The 1.5 increase in the back should look great.:bouncy:

Will do...

02-20-06, 06:32 PM
Run: 245/40/19 (front) and 275/35/19 (rear). Same diameter front and rear...and lots of tire selection. John (CCW) will want you to run Michelin PS2's... cuz it's a killer handling tire.