: Send Help To Maui

02-20-06, 02:23 PM
cannot decide which brand rims to go with. We were thinking of Dub but now not sure of quality of chrome, being in Hawaii chrome takes a beating. Any suggestions...we think esinem by dub. Also we don't want to drop it, but want the ride to look level. The torsion bar thing? Back to the wheels...24s vs. 22s..? Please help,dying to order already. Black 2005 EXT. Doing the grille too..vertical e&g classic from wood dash experts,inc. Thanks guys! Oh yeah-- it's my wife's ride.:)

02-20-06, 02:40 PM
Chrome is chrome. I believe DUB has a 2 year warranty on the chrome. If your near any coastal areas your car will take a beating. I suggest polishing and then applying a coating like Wheel Wax over the chrome to add a layer of protection. Do this every 2-3 months.

The ass on the escalade sits about 1"-2" higher. If I'm not mistaken torsion key is only for the front while the rear will need springs. So you'll probably need a 1"-2" drop for the rear.

I personally have 24"s and wouldn't even think about going with 22"s. People complain about the ride quality, and yes you have to be careful when going over potholes, dips, etc but I've pretty much gotten used to the ride with 24"s. Can't even remember how the 17"s rode anymore. If it's for your wife and she cares about ride quality over looks then go with the 22"s. Honestly, I've gotten so used to the 24"s that ride quality isn't really an issue...just gotta drive carefully like your in a lowered car. If your wife doesn't want the hassle then get 22"s with some meat on those tires.