View Full Version : DeSimone Cadillac-Mt Laurel NJ

02-20-06, 09:37 AM
I never cease to be disappointed with the service in this dealership. I've been going there for two years (it's the only cadillac place that I know off near by) and I've never left happy or satisfied. The latest fun times I had there? Went in with my SRX in November because the stabilitrak, traction control, and brake assist lights were all coming on and all the features were being turned off by the car. They looked at it and told me to get new tires! what?! I have factory spec tires so no clue why they were telling me this other than they were lazy and didn't know what the real problem was. Did I mention my car was fishtailing and they didn't care. After calling and visiting many times (and surviving all their runarounds) they finally admitted I was right and fixed my car this week. Of course now I'm being charged 300 dollars for the loaner since I was never called to be told to pick up my car....they told me it was my fault and that next time I should call to check on my car.

Stay away from this dealership with unknowledgeablestaff and poor service.

02-26-06, 09:26 PM
Try Vallee & Bowe Cadillac in Woodbury. It's a lot closer to Blackwood than Mt.laurel. They've got a good rep in these parts.