: changed FPR now P0507 code?

02-19-06, 11:16 PM
i put in a new FPR because the old one wasnt working properly. i started it up and took it for a drive everything worked fine no codes or anything. then when i started it up again to go out a service idle control system message came up, the code was P0507. so i was like thats odd. so i started the car a couple times after and got the same message. maybe like on the 5th time it didnt come up and the P0507 was in the history? any ideas why the P0507 would trigger?

02-19-06, 11:34 PM
Is it idling ok now?

02-19-06, 11:43 PM
yeah it is idling fine even when the code was thrown it seemed like it was idling fine. probably around 750rpm when warmed up, little higher when cold. ill monitor it and see how it does the next couple of days.

edit: ok it seems that after a few starts the code has gone away, maybe the computer just needed to get use to the new FPR. the car runs the best it has ever since i purchased it. also my transmission code hasnt poped up in awhile so that is good. its amazing how much power these cars have and how easy it is to get up there in terms MPH.

02-20-06, 05:58 PM
I'd clear the code and see if it returns.