: 307 olds eng is burning oil

02-18-06, 07:31 PM
i don't do too much winter driving, but i crank my '86 fleetwood and let it run for a few minutes each week. recently when i started my car i noticed black smoke coming from under the hood. i had noticed that previously dark smoke clouds would be coming from my exhaust. once i realized my engine was burning oil i quit driving. i'm wondering what would be a good brand of engine flush to use and how can i figure out my problem under the hood before i see a mechanic

02-18-06, 08:29 PM
Black smoke is rich fuel mixture, blue is oil.

If you aren't going to drive it for at least 10-15 miles, don't start it, that is much harder on it than starting it up now and then. The oil will never get hot enough, and moisture will build up and it will cause much accelerated engine wear.

Oil levels might seem ok, but in reality the additional moisture mixed in will artificially raise the oil that you see on the stick. So running it will eventually burn it off and the oil will go down. There is also a % of oil loss just from a fresh oil change as the oil gets hot and the moisture gets burned off.

I don't personally recommend a flush, just good oil changes. With what driving you are doing, do not exceed 3 months on oil changes, reguardless of the miles.