: here's a fast escalade. . .extremely fast

02-17-06, 09:49 PM

sounds sick. holy crap.

02-17-06, 10:12 PM
Gotta love an escalade that will eat a C5!

02-17-06, 10:56 PM
Well, there ya go! Now I found my next Cadillac!

02-18-06, 07:21 AM
That the 12.8 second turbo one?

02-18-06, 09:35 AM
yea, it sounds so sweet when the turbo is spooling up

02-18-06, 05:03 PM
Good vid, but kinda old.

Amazing what a turbo will do, eh? When I had my F250 6.0L powerstroke diesel, i use to run low 12's pretty consistently. That wasn't because of the diesel, either! One mean turbo, among other things. :)

What that video doesn't tell ya is that the guy blew his tranny on the way back from that track, and now has upgraded the tranny plus other things and will probably be a low 12 lade this year.

'06 QuickSilver
02-19-06, 08:22 AM
damn thats fast , diid anyone here heard about the lingenfilter escalade ext ??

il post the article later 2day if u didnt.

02-19-06, 09:09 AM
This is insane, I'd love to be behind the traffic lights with that monster