: Codes, Codes, and more codes....

02-17-06, 07:18 PM
It all started the other day. I'd get in the car, start it, put in in gear and anywhere between 1 and 60 feet or so of driving, the speed limited to 90 message would appear. I'd hit the info button, to make it go away and then restart the car and it wouldn't come back. Well, I checked the codes, and I've got three ABS codes C1252/C1253 (LF/RF Normal Force Malfunction? both current at time of message, but then in history after key cycle) and ABS 1255 (class 2 serial data communication malfunction) also current at time of message, and then in history after key cycle. It's also throwing an PCM code P1611 (Loss of CVRTD Serial Data). It's pretty intermitent as it only happens every once in a while, but it's starting to bug me. I sure hope my ABS module isn't on it way out, and if definitely don't need a network failure on my hands either. IF anyone has any ideas as to why these codes are being thrown, please let me know. I don't want this to become a major issue........also, what exactly does Right/Left Front Normal Force Malfunction mean anyway. I only ask, because I don't have my service manuals with me down here. Thanks in advance...

02-17-06, 07:56 PM
Your C1252 and C1253 relate to data that is passed from the CVRSS module to the EBTCM. This data represents road surface conditions and is used to adjust ABS parameters to allow more aggressive braking on rough road surfaces.

As always, the connectors and wiring should be inspected first. This would include the front suspension position sensors as well as the EBTCM, and CVRSS modules.

02-17-06, 08:33 PM
Cool thanks....I'll have to take a look at the wiring tomorrow. I wouldn't doubt the height sensors beign a problem as I've had some minor trouble with them in the past. I'll look at the wiring harnesses at all the modules tomorrow when I get a chance. I just check the WSS connectors a half an hour ago, anf then went out and test drove it at various speed real wuick, and going over some speed bumps...ect. Nothing came up. I did wash it today so maybe some water got in there...plus it's been kinda humid in the moring around here, with lots of dew fomring on the car. Maybe that has something to do with it..who knows.