: Trunk won't stay open.

02-16-06, 10:15 PM
i have a 83 deville and yes i did find out it was a deville with fleetwood front end and interior. But the trunk will not stay open at all. how would i fix the promblem. For i am getting tired of holding it up with one hand when ever i have to get into the trunk.

02-16-06, 10:37 PM
I have a problem like that on mine, a mechanic said he couldnt fix it but the problem is one of the hydraulic pumps was leaking.....

I just keep a stick in the trunk to keep it open until I can get it fixed...

02-18-06, 01:24 PM
It's a fairly easy fix, you just need the new pistons. They are located next to the hinges, one on each side. They just pop in and out. Any auto parts store should have them and they are fairly cheap, I think I paid $40 for my pair. Until then, a broom stick works pretty well.

DopeStar 156
02-18-06, 03:36 PM
I thought they were pistonless and just weight balanced so they'd stay up? I don't see any pistons on mine and it's the same trunk.

The Ape Man
02-18-06, 03:45 PM
Cadillac ditched the pistons on the RWD after about 1985 or so. Dunno which year for sure. When you replace the pistons, save your receipt. Mine keep giving up after a year. Getting really tired of replacing the same parts over and over. The replacements have probably been sitting on a shelf for 20 years.

DopeStar 156
02-18-06, 04:06 PM
Well then wouldn't it be smarter to just get a mid-late 80's trunk lid without the pistons? Mine stays up perfectly and never comes down.

The Ape Man
02-19-06, 10:18 AM
I dunno what it would take to swap over to the later system. Might be a good idea. It would be more than just changing the deck lid though.

DopeStar 156
02-19-06, 10:41 AM
It's a pretty decent idea. I'll provide you with pictures of you'd like. Just lemme know if you need anything. Personally it doesn't look like there's too much involved back there.

02-19-06, 03:00 PM
I was wondering what the hydraulic pumps was about too but I think I heard about that before. If you want to change it to the newer kind the easiest way is to go to a junk yard and get all the parts that are different.

The Ape Man
02-19-06, 04:00 PM
There are no hydraulic pumps just gas charged "lift units".

04-29-06, 11:02 PM
Sorry had bit of computer troubles with my laptop. How hard would it be to switch out the trunk lid for a newer model that will stay open.

04-30-06, 01:37 PM
The easiest way to figure that out is to goto a junk yard and look at a Brougham that has the different parts and see what all the differences are. And if it looks like you can change it just get all the parts while youre there.

05-17-07, 05:33 PM
Where do the lift units or hydraulic pumps got for i ordered a couple from autozone and i am not sure where to put them.