: My timesert kit on ebay, reserve at $160!

01-02-04, 11:17 PM
Yes ladies and gentlemen, I've almost finished serting my N* block and thus I'm selling the kit I used to do it on ebay, you too could be the first one on your block to own an authentic "Kris Schneider used timesert kit". In the auction I'm also offering to sell the number of serts necessary at cost when I make an order with time-sert at the end of the auction.

here is the auction:

My reserve is $160 which is good considering how ridiculously expensive these kits are from timesert.com.

Aurora By Olds
01-03-04, 11:48 AM
Damn right these kits are expensive, but trust me, you definitly get what you pay for. They are a breeze to put in for sure.