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02-16-06, 07:21 PM
This afternoon while running some errands I spotted a Crossfire to my left waiting to enter the on ramp to I-70 from an intersection. Since I did not have to stop I veered onto the ramp in second gear as the Crossfire pulled in behind me and started up the ramp as well. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to set the challenge so I punched the accelerator which instantly fish tailed the rear to the far right. I quickly let off the gas and shifted into 3rd waiting for her to straighten up. Once I felt she was back in my control I let out the clutch and once again hammered the gas only to find her fish tailing now to the left. This whole time I am thinking holy sh*t you have so underestimated this car. By the time I had her straight again I was at the top of the ramp and entering into traffic with no problems and the crossfire was still a ways back but pouring on the coal to blow by me at the first opportunity. Since I was a little shook up from the ramp experience I decided to back off rather than play tag with the Crossfire. Of course he zoomed by and weaved in and out of traffic as if I were on his tail. I don’t think I represented us V owners very well but I will be better prepared the next time. In fact in the eyes of the Crossfire driver I am sure that I appeared very newbish and boy did I feel that way. It was still fun.:)
Ok slam away.


02-16-06, 08:01 PM
Yeah you have to be careful with that horsepower and torque or it will get you into trouble real fast. Just ask Urbi ;) Just need to take some time and get use to the capabilities of your new ride.

I'm still waiting for my chance with a Crossfire.

02-16-06, 08:15 PM
did you have traction control off or were you in competitive driving mode? I've found that having 400HP has a significant learning curve as well.

V Amazed
02-16-06, 09:18 PM
hope you dont have to daily drive on asphault. That is a bitch. I spin the tires going into 4th, and mine is bone ass stock

02-17-06, 12:10 AM
i cant get that kind of fishtailing from 2nd to 3rd....

02-17-06, 01:16 AM
Would the temp being around 28 deg. and still using the oem run flats have helped on the slippage? Traction control was on at the time as well.


02-17-06, 02:06 AM
cold tires and cold weather = low traction. Take care of those 400 ponies fixx...

02-17-06, 02:15 AM
1st and 2nd gear are useless on a maggied car. I can't remember what it was like to have some traction in those gears when I was stock.

Fixx that driving of yours at your next opportunity with anything worthy. ;)

Seattle CTS-V
02-17-06, 01:06 PM
Yep, I had a similar experience the first week I had my V. I was coming from a 370hp Acura CL Type S but it was FWD and had 1/2 the torque...much different driving dynamics. On ramp: punched the accelerator a little too hard in 2nd gear while making a sweeping turn to the right. It took about 0.2 seconds for the back end to kick out to the left and for me to be facing the wrong way on the on-ramp. Luckily, there was absolutely nobody around to wreck with (or to see me make an ass of myself).

02-17-06, 01:17 PM
On ramps are notorius for being oily and slippery too.

The cold weather just adds to the "problem".

02-17-06, 01:52 PM
I'm still waiting for my chance with a Crossfire.

Theyre fun to destroy.... I went to my 20th HS reunion this summer and afterwards a good friend of mine in HS whom I hadnt seen in the 20 yrs since and I were with our gals in the parking garage and he got out his key fob and proceeded to light up the Crossfire in the corner, I did the same with my fob and the V lights came on....he asked if I wanted to 'run' on the way home. Since we live a community apart and in the same direction, it was on. We went from a roll at about 50 on a clear highway...up to about 115 and he was a good 7-8 cars back. I crushed him again, just to prove it wasnt a fluke. He was a good sport and flashed his lights, but I had to continue to my town so I couldnt rub it in too much.
Needless to say the Crossfire is more bark than bite. :thepan:


02-17-06, 02:17 PM
As soon as it gets below 50 degrees F your traction (for both accellerating and braking, by the way) is significantly reduced with the F1's or any other summer tire. My ABS got a serious workout last week when I got cut off in traffic; the Brembos seriously overwhelm the tires' ability to stick to the pavement when cold.