View Full Version : Anyone here live in TN? Have questions

02-16-06, 06:23 PM
Ok, I live in Florida and IMO its starting to suck here. Between the hurricanes and unrealistic prices of real estate, I think its time to move on. I am an investor and realtor (keeps me from getting a real job). I cashed in big time on the market in Florida but could actually have done better. The prices here in FL. are crazy right now. I am having a tough time finding any real estate to invest in plus this impending bubble burst over our heads means that even if I find that "great" deal it may not be so great by the time I'm ready to flip it.

I'm getting geared up to move to another state. Tennessee seems prime. Prices are still low but it seems as if there will be a "movement" there as well. I'm pretty much looking to repeat what I have done in FL. What areas are upscale TN?. Which towns/cities?. I've been there many times on vacations but solely in the Gatlinsburg and Pigeon Forge areas. I'm looking for something where its not very rural and not too much in the way of hicks, etc., in other words a suburb of a metropolitan area. Can anyone help?. I know virtually nothing about anyplace other than Gatlinsburg/Pigeon Forge. Thanks!

02-16-06, 10:47 PM
I recommend the eastern part of the state. Maybe Nashville, it depends on what business you want to be in.

Stay away from Memphis. It's too much like New Orleans and Detroit. Very poorly managed, high crime rate, there's even a recall movement against the mayor. A lot of racial tension.

You might even consider Kentucky. Lexington is very nice.