: 1984 Fleetwood 75 @ CW Coach Sales

02-16-06, 03:26 PM
Does anyone know anything about this car?

http://www.cwcoach.com/ 7 Passenger. 52K mi. $1700

02-17-06, 04:35 PM
Maybe I should have asked for your opinions of this car. Before I make a 300+ mile trip, I thought I should ask for some advice. I know the paint is cracking and peeling off the vinyl top. I really love the style of this car, but am I getting in to a mess with the 6.0 engine? Does $1700 sound like a good buy? What do you all think? Thanks.

02-17-06, 04:56 PM

The factory made Fleetwood Limousine is pretty rare and 1984 was the last year of the full-size rear wheel drive style. If the mileage is correct and it is not rusty the price certainly seems reasonable. The 6.0 V8-6-4 can be a headache so I would suggest having the car inspected by a sharp mechanic.

Have fun!


02-19-06, 05:33 PM
Thanks, Dave. I appreciate your advice.

Apparently, there is a power steering leak also, and from one of the pictures sent to me, it looks like the radio has been removed. Other than that, the interior shots look great.

charles opperman
03-02-06, 07:06 PM
the 84 cadillac 75 that c w coach is selling . has been sitting there for quite some time. i saw it about 5 weeks ago.the paint on the body isnt to bad and could be buffed out.Yes the paint on the vinal roof is pealing it appears to be a repaint but if cleaned and repainted wouldnt look bad.the trunk lock has been punched out.the radio has been pulled out also. Power steering makes a lot of noise i was told.I didnt look at the interior to much as the car was too rough for what wanted it for.I bought a 85 caddy from c w. had battery trouble on the way home and the cornering lite came loose. other than that it is a good running car but needed some interior work and a paint job.they came down on the price 600.00 so if you see the car you may want to negoatiate the price as you will have to put some money into it just to get it home, they have had the car a long time and i would bet they would like to move it out. the people at c w are not bad to deal with; I wish you good luck charles opperman