: Fix those pesky plastic lines

Aaron J Williams
02-16-06, 09:48 AM
Ever have a plastic vacuum line break when you move it? Here is an easy fix that works well. Find some rubber vacuum line that the plastic fits into snugly then clean the plastic line at the broken ends and smear a little superglue around them. Then push the rubber line over the plastic till it is past the superglue, rotating the rubber line to make sure the superglue gets all the way around the line for a good seal. Wait 2 minutes and put it into service. This has worked for me on vacuum lines,rear suspension air lines,and windshield washer lines.

02-23-06, 11:07 AM
I used rubber vaccuum line for when I broke one of the plastic vaccuum lines off the TB on my '94 Deville. I didn't use any glue, but that's a good idea! Who's brilliant idea was it to use plastic for vaccuum lines anyways!

02-23-06, 08:30 PM
WOW thanks for posting this, I just broke a plastic line today changing my spark plug wires and think I will try this out on the 93, I am not sure what it controls. lol That whole expierence has taught me alot, I just dont have the time to learn right now.

I heard from my dad today after breaking my line that they use plastic because the old rubber ones used to get pin hole leaks and it was dang near impossible to find them, plastic solves this, but introduces the problem of brittleness causing breaks. I guess when you think about it rubber would become brittle aswell, so plastic is a better choice, but it isnt perfect....