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02-16-06, 01:20 AM
hello everyone, im new to this post and actually new to domestic vehicles in general. about 2 months ago a buddy had a 1970 caddlic deville sedan parked in frnt of his house. i offered to buy it off of him and after buggin him enough he gave it to me as a gift. the back tags cost me like $350. after gettin the tags i went to pick up the vehicle. i gave it a quick water wash down and scared the nest of spiders away. i put a new battery in it and vrooom it started like a champ!! drive it home that day and had 3 offers to buy the car from me. the car is all original except the audio. since then i have celaned it and began to work on a fender where i found some rust. i have replaced some engine parts as well and awaiting header from MTS. i have removed all the carpet and have wirebrushed it and have sprayed the flooring of the cab and trunk with rubber coating to protect it. well here are a few pic, all comments and advise is welcome, like i said i am a noob at this and am lerning from reading and asking questions. thankshttp://myspace-276.vo.llnwd.net/00502/67/26/502766276_l.jpghttp://myspace-019.vo.llnwd.net/00502/91/01/502751019_l.jpghttp://myspace-238.vo.llnwd.net/00502/83/20/502750238_l.jpg

02-16-06, 08:36 AM
Absolutely beautiful! Makes me miss my 1970 Coupe Deville Convertible :nono: