: 93 Eldo transaxle

02-16-06, 12:55 AM
In the process of pepping up a 93 Eldo Sport Coupe and there seems to be some discrepencies as far as OEM specs when it comes to the transaxle; I'm trying to determine whether or not I can leave my current transaxle as is or whether I should upgrade for better 1/4 mile performance. My research so far shows that my car has an open 3.11 gear. The same year ETC apparently has a 3.71 gear, open or limited-slip not known. The car's transmission was replaced several years ago with a remanufactured one- this repair was not done by me so I cannot confirm what type of replacement transmission was actually used. As a test, I did a hole shot and ,to my amazement, saw two even rubber patches @10ft long. on the pavement. The car definately has some kind of limited-slip. Do I already have an ETC transaxle? Could this have been what was used to replace the original damaged transaxle? This Eldo is equipped with traction control, but it automatically disables itself on dry pavement; ie- it only kicks in on wet pavement(rain or snow), but lets the tires spin freely when launching on dry surfaces. Can someone set the facts straight on transaxle specs for this model year? (Gear ratio/ open or limited-slip):wtf:

02-16-06, 04:34 AM
It doesn't disable. It just only activates if wheel speeds are uneven. On the odd chance that an open diff spins both wheels, traction won't engage. Also, ETC doesn't have limited slip to my knowledge.

02-17-06, 12:57 AM

Thanks for the clarification on the traction control. Any ideas on why I get two solid patch marks when launching? Also, do you have any info on gear ratios? The are a few vendors that sell the limited slip unit for this application- I'm just wondering if I actually need to spend the $800 plus installation or if I'm fine with what I have.

Thanks again,