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B Duncan
02-15-06, 11:15 AM
There is a Technical Service Bulletin that may help or elimanate front Diff Noise. It seems to be well known that the front differentials in many Escalades are noisey, whine, etc. Mine had a bad bearing as many others have which was replaced under warranty (actually replaced all bearings and seals). I still heard some faint noise above 40mph at steady throttle as when in Cruise Control. Although I hope to eventually get the front Diff repalced as other have, I did get some help from my dealer. There is a Technical Service Bulletin for front Differential noise that requires replacing the front prop shaft (the drive shaft between the transfer case and the front differential). The new part has an internal damping system instead of just being a hollow shaft. The part number is 15186002 and it sells for $161 from GM Parts Direct - anyone under warranty can get it for no charge. Mine got the new shaft yesterday and although I haven't finished my assesment, it does seem to have helped. I took a ride this morning and couldn't tell if I was hearing anything or not. Before I could hear the noise clearly even with the radio on at lower volume. I need to listen carefully at different highway speeds then I can give my final opinion. For anyone with marginal noise this might really help especially if your dealer doesn't think it bad enough to be replaced. Has anyone else had this prop shaft replaced and did it help ???

02-15-06, 11:54 AM

thanks for the info and i'll make an appt to get this looked at...i assume you read the "bearing noise / front whine" thread further below? I describe my potential issue / concern in that thread.

shiny e

02-15-06, 05:33 PM
I have seen bearing problems in many of the new trucks, many of the problems are from low oil level over a period of time, check or have your diff's fluid checked. :)

B Duncan
02-15-06, 05:46 PM
Yes, I have read everything I could find on the forum about front diff noise. I purchased my '03 recently and drove it before the bearings were replaced. At that time it had a very pronounced bearing noise, like a bad wheel bearing. Since the repair I had been hearing two different very faint noises. One sounded like a deisel engine but very faint and muffled - it had a beat or pulse and was related to vehicle speed and could be detected between 35 and 50 mph under light throttle. The other noise was higher frequency whurring or whinning that pulsated and could be heard in the 60-70 mph range at steady throttle as with cruise control set. The second noise must be a slight mis-alignment or slight wear between the ring and pinion in the front differential. I think this whinning noise might still be there but it much harder to hear. Both of these noises are very faint and would not be noticed unless pointed out. If you get the prop shaft replacement I hope it help your noise.