: another problem solved! N* stutter gone

02-15-06, 09:50 AM
hey guys i figured i would share my results with everyone while i'm so ecstatic.
first off, i had a stutter/hesitation in my 99 SLS, and it continued to get worse, for about 4 months. i came here on the forums and i noticed that this is a common association to bad spark plugs/wires. so, eventually got enough money to get some new plugs and wires (i got AC plugs and Belden(sp?) Max wires). The good news is my once rough N* now drives as smooth as a baby's behind again.
So, if any of you all find yourself with a stutter in your N*, which may feel like a cylinder not firing under a bit of a load, as well as bogging down then "exploding" in WOT, then bad plugs and/or wires could be the culprit.
Thank you everyone on these forums, i appreciate the help you guys give out every time.

02-16-06, 07:50 AM
good deal, my 94 had an identical problem, plugs and wires fixed it as well, an amazing difference they can make