: Help or redirect please!!

02-15-06, 08:39 AM
My electronic dash keeps going out. Sometimes if I adjust the steering wheel it comes back on. Or sometimes it comes back on when I start the car. I took the paneling off to make sure all the connections I could see were good. Then I checked the fuses and they were good too. Battery connection is good and tight. It does this a lot, but it stays off more then not. So right now I cannot tell how fast I am driving, how long I have been driving, how much gas I have left. It's a real pain! I tried looking in all the places I thought the problem could be, loose wires, fuse blown. I even referenced my Haynes manual and it talked about a speedometer cable that wasn't there when I pulled the panel off. Im guessing I have a short somewhere, but where do I begin???? HELP!! :thepan: