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02-14-06, 09:44 PM
Today I was thinking about the cars people I went to high school with drove. We had a pretty decent bunch of cars in our parking lot. There wasn't really any brand new cars, one kid had a new Passat. This guy Paul had a 1987 Cimarron, I forbade him from parking it near my car. There was a 1987 Town Car, nothing special though. The guy who parked next to me, Nick, had an Acura Legend that was some hideous pink-ish color. There was a mid 90's Jetta that was done Euro-tuner style. My friend John's 2000 Mustang GT was pretty popular. There were two cars though that had fan clubs. One was this guy Angelo's 1988 IROC Z. Really clean and really fast. He truly gave meaning to the old "Italian Retard Out Cruising" joke. The other car was the greatest mack of all. My Cadillac of course. I mean I became something of a legend because of it. Teachers would find me and ask me about it. Underclassmen I never even knew existed knew me and my car. I bet there are people who still talk about it (now I'm getting dillusional).

So what cars were kids driving when you guys were in high school? I'm really interested in what the older guys have to say, particularly those who grew up in the 80's.

02-14-06, 10:14 PM
I graduated in the early 80s and I drove a 69 Mustang. Great car 351Cleveland in it....bad ass ride. Lots of my buds drove muscle cars...a good pal had a GTO Judge and another had a 69 Mach1. THere were Gremlins and Pacers and Ford Granadas and the like. Couple of Chevettes....one guy had a green Chevy Nomad Stat. Wag. that had 3 on the tree.
Slow as balls, but fun to watch him drive it.


02-14-06, 10:20 PM
I drove a 67 Bug and a 66 Ford Falcon 4 door (Blahhh! :vomit: ). My buddy drove a 64 Chevy II in which he stuffed a 350/TH400, another friend had a 66 Chevelle with a nice little 327. Another buddy had a 67 Camaro with a 396. Even though we had a lot of kids from very rich families I don't remember any Corvettes or Porsches. There were low riders, hot rods, early Japanese imports, etc.

Oh, I graduated in 78.

02-14-06, 10:24 PM
I'm a Junior in HS, and there are some damn nice cars in our parking lot. This one girl just got a brand new BMW 525i, one kid has an Audi S4, 2 people have VW Touaregs, my car of course, another girl has an '00 Deville DHS.

And then there's the super rich kid. His dad owns a steel company. In the last year he has owned (in this order):
'04 BMW 645ci (imported from germany before it was released in the US)
'03 BMW M3
'04 Cadillac Escalade
'06 Porsche Carrera 4S
'06 Mercedes Bens CLS500
'06 Range Rover
'05 BMW M3 w/competition package
'05 BMW M3 (current car)

02-14-06, 10:31 PM
All the kids at my school had econo cars like Hyundai Accents and Ford Probes. I drove my '79 Deville! :)

The best was when one of my friends dared me to do a burnout in front of the school! Last I new, there was still a hole in the pavement where my '79s tire burned through! :)

02-14-06, 10:45 PM
Miscellaneous used cars of every variety. I was the guy who always parked his Sentra on the lawn.

Night Wolf
02-14-06, 10:47 PM
It was a HUGE mix for me... everything from beat up old Darts to daddy buys kid brand new BMW. We had redneck trucks, ricers, classics, muscle cars, sports cars, lots of family sedan type cars, old beaters, some boats....

Both my Junior and Senior year I was the only Caddy(s) at the school. Everyone loved my cars... some really fun times too.

I was class of '05.

02-14-06, 11:00 PM
This was my ride to school. Was one of the oldest cars there. It was my daily driver for almost 3 years.


02-14-06, 11:28 PM
Notables included a twin turbo 03 Mustang that ran a 10.2 ONCE before he got kicked out for having no safety gear, some stupid Golf R32, a couple of flaming ricers that were fun to laugh at, a HT4100 bustleback Seville driven by one of the narcs, and a 95 ETC.

02-14-06, 11:34 PM
Well, now don't forget this was back in the day - they had just recently taken down the hitching post in front of my high school... :histeric:

My friend Steve and I roared into town in his 1963ish Rambler station wagon that had been (not to hijack an earlier thread) painted bright pink with an image of the Pink Panther on the side...

The car usually made quite a stir. Steve's mom worked at the local hospital, and one night she brought home an old fiberglass wooden leg that had been thrown out of the prosthetic shop. It was shaped like a real leg. We put a pants leg, sock and shoe on it, tied it to the back bumper, and pulled it loose just before we drove up one morning. Caused quite the commotion, if I remember.

Another friend drove a 66 Pontiac Tempest convertible. I didn't own a car until I was out of HS and working for a living. My parents needed both of ours to go to work.

Other than those two, I think it was mostly horse and buggy.. :p

02-14-06, 11:35 PM
I graduated in 1984 and had a '74 Toyota Celica (pardon me while I don asbestos boxers). There were a lot of pickups (I grew up in West Texas). A couple of people had classic Mustangs; one of them was a friend of mine—her family inherited a ton of money along with a mint 64 1/2 'stang. Another friend sometimes drove his dad's Mercedes 300D, but that was about exotic as it got.

In college, it seemed everybody who didn't drive a truck had an early 80s Cutlass, Regal or Monte Carlo. I remember one guy in my dorm who had a yellow '69 Camaro; it was sweet. Then there was this strange guy who always dressed in black, never spoke and drove a pristine red-and-white '64 Dodge Polara.

That's about all I remember.

02-14-06, 11:46 PM
I graduated in '75. I had, without a doubt the hotest car. (It was a really small school.) Red '68 Camaro SS 'vert. 350 (295 stock) 4-speed, headers, Holley 700, 750 or 800 (can't remember) dual bowl and of course ladders. It had the hood with the 8 screened holes. The guy with the Firebird 400 'vert was scared to death of racing me. It was the fastest ride in town all the time I owned it.

02-15-06, 12:46 AM
I was 1 of 2 Cadillac's at High School, the other being a 2003 CTS, base model no options. I didn't know half of my 675 graduating class, but most of them knew me as the kid that drove the white Deville.

02-15-06, 02:01 AM
There were LOTS of S trucks, lots of Cavalier/Sunfires, Saturn S series, Neons, and Escorts. Literally half the parking lot was a combination of those.

As I recall, there were two C5s, 2 or 3 C4s, a few Ford Explorers, a couple dozen older full size pickups (GM, Ford, Chrysler).

I had 1992 Camaro then 1999 STS. (2002 grad)

Tommy Deville
02-15-06, 05:23 AM
I graduated in 1993 drove an 83 coupe deville, It was my first car

02-15-06, 05:34 AM
High school finished for me at 16, so no cars at all.

COllege is a mix of very small cheap to insure cars, Ford Fiestas, Vauxhall Corsas, Peugeot 106s, Citroen Saxos, Renault Clios, and Rover 100/Metros (I want one of these) http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c249/mccombie_5/Stuff/RoverGTa002.jpg
This one belongs to my grandad :D

One guy has an Audi A3, but it probably belongs to daddy.

02-15-06, 06:41 AM
The cars I drove in high school are as follows:
1. 1986 Lincoln Mark VII LSC
2. 1989 Nissan Maxima SE
3. 1991 Ford Taurus SHO+
4. 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V

02-15-06, 08:34 AM
We don't get our driver's license before 18, so we walk, take the bus or most popular: we take our bicycle!

I bet you never seen so many bicycles in your life!

02-15-06, 08:47 AM
lots of 3 series bmw
lots of mercs and jags
lots of wrangler
lots of ls1 f-body
lots of civics
lots of suburbans/tahoes
2 m3 and 1 slk(slk was released when i was in hs)

once in a while they'll bring their mommy/daddy's ride (911 turbo, s class...).

My close friend got a m5 from his parents as a HS grad gift.

02-15-06, 09:02 AM
Living in rural Michigan, our parking lot was comprised of mostly domestic farm trucks and used cars. I honestly can't remember any imports.

We had an old Corvair convertible, a few Monte Carlos/Olds Cutlass', a couple Camaros, but mostly the typical collection of cheap US cars and trucks. A lot of disposable Pontiacs like 6000LE's (goolies), Grand Ams, and Grand Prixs.

My favorite high school car I owned was a fire engine red '72 stepside Chevy pickup with the polished planks in the bed and a brand new 350 swap under the hood (my grandfather was a service manager for a dealership and the engine was ordered by GM to be destroyed, so shhh). It was a nice truck that would spin the rear tires pretty much however long you wanted it to. Crazy dangerous and it ended up in many ditches throughout it's life. Eventually traded it on an Impala SS (I actually hated that truck in high school, but really wish I still had it now).
Other less exciting cars I abused and drove to early graves throughout high school included a Ford Fairmont Futura, a Ford Taurus, and a Renault Alliance.

02-15-06, 09:34 AM
Man does this thread give me a flashback. I recall sitting in science class in 1976, looking out the window at Street Machine Row, which is what we called the block long street in front of my high school.

It was a mixed blessing to grow up in Michigan during the Carter era. The gas shortages and long lines were a PITA, but it also meant that 60s muscle cars were a dime a dozen. If any of us had an ounce of foresight, we could have retired on the stuff we beat the crap out of back then, just by hanging on to it and making a trip to Barrett Jackson in 2006. Here's an inventory of a typical day on Street Machine Row at my High School:

1969 Z-28, Hugger Orange with black stripes, 302, 4 speed
1970 Road Runner, Canary yellow, 440-6 pack
1968 Charger, Plum Crazy purple, 383 with an amazing Chrysler cross ram dual quad setup.
1970 Nova SS 350, Bright red
1969 Mustang Boss 302
1966 Chevelle, 425 horse 327, Edelbrock tunnel ram with dual Holley 750s (mine!)
1967 Chevelle SS 396
1969 Chevelle SS 396
1966 Impala SS - 427 4-speed
1967 GTO, 389 Tri-power
1965 El Camino with SS interior and trim, plus an awesome 327 - a real sleeper!
1970 Hemi 'Cuda, black on black (can you imagine this with skinny snow tires in the winter? It happened!)
1969 Super Bee

With God as my witness, I swear not one of these guys paid more that $1800.00 for these rides, most were less than $1000.00, and all were in superb shape.

Damn do I wish I would have taken a camera to school just one day!!!!

Thanks for the memories...

02-15-06, 09:41 AM
If you will allow me just one more...

1969 Hurst S/C Rambler, one of the Red White and Blue ones with the mailbox hood scoop, 390 V-8 and a 4-speed. Can you believe this idiot painted that car all Blue cause he thought it would look cooler??

02-15-06, 10:01 AM
Well, it was in 1965 & 1966 and ........ aw, forget it.......! > you'd probably not be interested....

02-15-06, 10:26 AM
Well I went to a fairly wealthy high school with a lot of diversity so we would get a ton of different things. What comes to mind right now is a LOT of 99-05 Pontiac Grand Am's, and a LOT of mid '90s Accords and Civics. Then the biggest douchebag in the class of '05 had a '94 Accord DX with a really really botched chameleon paintjob. It was kind of a mix of light green and light purple, and of course the obligatory fart can and 2' tall rear spoiler. He thought that car was faster than my Caddy! LOL! He got beat by my friend Chris's 1992 Maxima GXE with the SOHC 160hp 3.0 V6. Who got beat by my friend Maki's 1990 Maxima SE with the DOHC 190hp 3.0 V6. Who I raced once and beat.

Good Memories!

But other cars that come to mind are a '73 Ford F-100, another 1992 Sedan deVille (white with blue velour), a 1996 STS, a LOT of black Sunfires, a few BMW's, and an '85 M-B 190SE, and oh yeah my friend's 1985 Audi 4000 Quattro Sedan.

Everyone knew me because of my big cars! Actually, when I had that Roadmaster, I had the longest car on the lot. The next in size was a 1992 Crown Victoria. Man I LOOOVED having the longest, and probably the heaviest! I remember some body came into the lot one day with a '76 FWB, and he was driving around, and I was trying like hell to catch up to him so I could talk to him about it! That must have been funny to see this "big" (by modern standards) '92 deVille chase this ENORMOUS '76 Fleetwood Brougham around!

02-15-06, 10:57 AM
You 40 and 50-somethings pegged it. Gas was $.19/gal in HS.
I was driving a '65 Buick Gran Sport and a Yamaha 250cc Enduro (off-road mostly).

02-15-06, 11:19 AM
Well, it was in 1965 & 1966 and ........ aw, forget it.......! > you'd probably not be interested....

C'mon Sandy! Give!

02-15-06, 11:24 AM
Well, it was in 1965 & 1966 and ........ aw, forget it.......! > you'd probably not be interested....

Come on, we want to hear. None of your posts are pointless!

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02-15-06, 01:36 PM
Lots of mid to late 60's GM's and Fords..mostly Camaros, Firebirds, Chevelles and Mustangs. There was one Volvo 1800E that was pretty sweet. I myself drove a 1965 Chevy Bel-Air with a straight six...got bored with the six, ripped out the entire drive train (in auto shop, no less) dropped in a 396 out of a wrecked '69 Camaro S/S with tranny...I believe it was a TH400...and that was the beginning of my hot rod days!!

02-15-06, 02:26 PM
I had to think about this a while, because I graduated in 1982 and didn't give it much thought at the time.

Here's an inventory I can remember:


Late-60's VW bug
'81 or '82 Celica

Everything else:
VERY few trucks, maybe a Bronco or two. Back then it wasn't cool to be in a pick-up truck or a van.

There was an AMC Pacer, a Gremlin, and even a Matador.

I had a '64 Ranchero, and so did the state-champion wrestler. He stole my gas cap. I stole it back. He threatened to kick my ass. He could have, easily. Glad he didn't. (the gas caps on Falcons and Comets were molded to fit the body lines)

There was a Pinto and a gigantic LTD coupe. One kid even had a 66 Lincoln convertible with suicide doors. There were a couple 1960's Mustangs, too. One Montego, and it was kinda cool. Three Mavericks.

The quarterback had a '79 Corvette. The fullback had a brand new Camaro or Trans Am--I can't remember which. His father still owns several huge dealerships in Dallas.

The police director's son graduated in my class, and he had a Plymouth Fury (retired police car).

Overall, the parking lot was 70% General Motors.

I remember a lot of old Cadillacs, mostly worn out by dad and passed on to the kid. A lot of Novas and a Vega or two.

But the vehicle of choice was the 1974-1981 Cutlass/Monte Carlo/Regal. There were at least two dozen of those. I got one my senior year.

NO sound systems, NO custom rims, NO special paint jobs, NO trick suspensions. If you added a cassette deck, you really had something special.

About the most radical thing any of us did was put in a CB radio. We'd caravan to football games.

02-15-06, 02:56 PM
My high school was pretty ghetto. Alot of kids rode the bus. We had quite a variety of cars. Most cars were beaters but some were just a nice used car. All the best cars were owned by Bosnians!! I never understood why Bosnians had the best cars!

I had a 73 Delta 88 Convertible. It was gold and was by far the biggest and most noticable car in the lot. Alot of people knew me but everyone knew my car. That thing was bad ass- had a 455 that would lay rubber in reverse and drive!

02-15-06, 03:21 PM
My high school was pretty ghetto. Alot of kids rode the bus. We had quite a variety of cars. Most cars were beaters but some were just a nice used car.

:yeah: :yup: That describes how my high school was.

02-15-06, 03:30 PM
Now that I think about it, there was a guy a year ahead of me who had his mother's old Cadillac, a burnt orange or dark brown '74 Sedan de Ville. It was only 8 years old at the time and in nice shape. I rode in it once when we were running an errand for the school paper, which we both worked on.

My journalism teacher had a white '72 Mark IV with red leather inside that I drove once (Chad is sooooooooo jealous). It was a floaty boat with full anesthesia on the power steering. Looked cool, though.

02-15-06, 03:41 PM
For the fall semester of my junior year, I drove the '64 Impala that I had grown up with and learned to drive in. Nellie had a 283 with a Powerglide:

(this is from a 1970 slide, but she looked the same in 1982)

Our high-school parking lot had only two exits, and cars would kind of clump around them trying to get out. One day during the mass exodus from the parking lot, one of the rich kids, who was also a total a**hole, kept crowding me with his late model Riviera. When I finally got through the exit, and in front of him, I gunned it, and Nellie and I did a power oversteer right turn, tires smoking. She may have looked like a mild-mannered old family car, but you didn't mess around her. I don't think he every crowded me again.

Another time, I was at a light with another rich a**hole who thought his first-gen RX-7 was hot stuff. Nellie and I dusted him without even trying.

When my sister had Nellie (before me), she was dating a guy with a mid- 60s Pontiac LeMans that he thought was pretty fast. They raced, and Nellie beat him easily. He never fully recovered.

02-15-06, 04:44 PM
The hottest car I remember was a 2000 Camaro SS. Some spoiled rich senoir had it when I was a sophomore or junior I guess. He used to drive like a lunatic. He once got pulled over going 115mph on the New England Thruway. He never lost his license though. The story was his dad bribed a judge to make the ticket go away. Last I heard he blew up the LS1 and is now driving a Viper. Bastard.

02-15-06, 04:46 PM
"I love driving it. It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."

From Ferris Buehler's Day Off. That Ferrari was fantastic. The sound was perfect.

02-15-06, 04:56 PM
Our high-school parking lot had only two exits, and cars would kind of clump around them trying to get out. One day during the mass exodus from the parking lot, one of the rich kids, who was also a total a**hole, kept crowding me with his late model Riviera. When I finally got through the exit, and in front of him, I gunned it, and Nellie and I did a power oversteer right turn, tires smoking. She may have looked like a mild-mannered old family car, but you didn't mess around her. I don't think he every crowded me again.

Sweet story! I did something like that daily for a while in my Roadmaster. Just like your high school, there were two exits, and all of the popular kids would park in one side of the lot so they could all leave through the one exit. Well I would also leave the same way. A friend of mine had a 96 Dodge Ram SLT 1500, with the 318, and everyday, on the way out, he would do this massive one wheel burnout as he turns to the right. And I would do the same thing, but I would do it turning left. It was pretty cool! I think that made people say "wow, that grandma car's got some power!" ;)

And yes, I am jealous of that Mark IV ;) :D

02-15-06, 05:15 PM
Driven by me:
1978 Olds 98 Regency( car I took my Driver's Road test in)
1997 Lumina
1995 Riviera
1991 Bonneville LE

In parking lot:

Several 77-80 Monte Carlos, Regals, Cutlasses, Grand Prix
98 Crew Cab Sonoma
Several 88-90 Chevy 1500
89 Pontiac GTA(teacher)
Several 95-99 Tahoes
Several 88-96 Park Avenues, bonnevilles,
A myriad of 98 Grand Ams( I think GM had a 2for1 sale going on:D)
A couple of late 70s early 80s imports.
Ford Excursion(teacher)
Some sweet Cadillacs 1994-98 Devilles
1978 Buick Electra 4dr
90-92 Olds Silohouette
Several 85-91 or 92 Caprices.

My high school was in Michigan, ghetto as hell, and produced such stars such as Charles Rogers, Anthony Roberson, and a few others but mostly it was a fashion/auto show and a place to hang out away from home. Class of 2000

02-15-06, 07:47 PM
I went to an exceedingly wealthy high school. My parents sent me there because the education was superior when compared to others.

At least 25% of the boys got a brand new Corvette upon turning 17 (1965). The remainder got Impala Super Sports, Mustang Converts, Plymouth Sport Furys, Pontiac Catalina Convertibles were ~~HOT~~ with 421s under hood. I got a GTO Convertible, 1966, the year AFTER I graduated. Wealthy chicks were driving Plymouth Barracuda "S" fastbacks & Dodge Chargers (1966 - 1st yr) and Impala 'Vets. One girl, got a Ferrari fastback. Her family owned 37 drug stores. It was all about parental status. But, we were all good kids. It was just before drugs got popular, and we were all so innocient! A BAD Tuff kid snuck a bottle of beer outta Mom & Dads house and hide behind a garage & shared it with 5 other guys (a 12 Oz bottle between 5 guys!! Ha Ha.
Nobody smoked, much less Pot !

With this excellent education, I got into Temple University (Phila, Pa.) took business courses, graduated with nice grades and became a car salesman for the next 30 years ! If I had gone to the "Baaad" High School, I probablyu woulda become an Accountant (like my son) :bigroll:

terrible one
02-15-06, 07:58 PM
Being a Sophomore in High School...

We've got probably about 20 mustangs, all 94-06 or so, also lots of Civics, and Acuras. A lot of Chevy and Ford redneck trucks as well. There are also a lot of little 80's econobox cars, and then some older cars, nothing special. Then there are the nicer cars like Land Rovers, and Land Cruisers, Four Runners, a REALLY nice '96 Towncar, and that's about it. Nothing that is really cool that stands out.

Oh yeah, I forgot! There is one cool car! A '67 Mercury Cougar.

02-15-06, 11:06 PM
It was the late 70's, I had a 68 Firebird, there were a few other Camaros, my best friend had a 67 Mustang. Lots of Novas, a few Dodge Demons and Plymouth Dusters, a few Datsun (now Nissan) and Toyota trucks. Two guys had lifted Jeeps. I didn't live in a big-money town.

02-16-06, 08:35 AM
I graduated HS in 1997. I thought I had one of the nicest cars at school, a 1991 300ZX 2+2.. minus the 1996 Camaro SS and 1997 Mustang GT that my friends had.