: New Guy - 93 DeVille

01-02-04, 02:28 PM
Just found this board while searching the net for trouble shooting my Caddy. I just picked it up 3 weeks ago and have run into a couple problems. First off after checking a couple threads here I was able to access my computer codes (Thanks Guy's.) My "Service Engine Soon" light had come on after driving it for a week. The codes are E39, E98, and E99. Can anyone tell me what these mean? Possible problems? Most importantly, possible solutions? The light will stay off for a day or two and then come back on. It's off when restarting but may come back on the same day or not for two or three. The car seems to run great but I noticed my fuel economy has been falling off. What range of MPG should I be expecting for mostly highway driving? The engine is a 4.9 litre. The second concern is my stereo. I made a mistake and tried turning it on during freezing rain. The antenna didn't come up (probably frozen) and the stereo won't work now. I have checked the fuse which seems fine. Does the stereo have an internal fuse? Anything else I should be checking?
I should state that although I have these bugs to work out that overall I'm very pleased with the car. I got it from an older gentleman who only drove it a few miles a day and really took care of it. It's not quite showroom condition, but not far off. Really Cherry inside and out and only had 84.000 on it when I picked it up. I believe I got a great deal only having paid $2,500.00 for it. I'm really hopeing someone can help me with my concerns so please write with any advise!

01-05-04, 07:28 AM
Hey Guys,
Wheres the love? :confused: No one wants to welcome me into the fold? :bouncer:

the Sandman
01-05-04, 07:56 AM
Hey Tim - Welcome to the CadillacForums! Sorry I missed this until now... :) . I've copied this Thread over to the DeVille section so it can get more attention. I'm sure they'll be all over this for ya... :yup:

Thanks for registering!

01-05-04, 08:31 AM
Welcome Tim!

Sounds like you found a nice deal!

01-06-04, 12:45 PM