: Transmission Leak 86 Fleetwood brougham

02-14-06, 03:42 PM
I walk out to start this beast like i do everyday when i glanced under the car and noticed behind and a bit off the left a leak that's bright redish pink. The transmission dipstick still says it's full. The leak is minor for now and only seems to drip after the car has made it's run ( to and from work about 60 killometres ) maybe 30 mph or so i don't know the conversion. I'm hoping this is just a gasket or something that's given way. Anyone ever have this problem? It fluently changes gears without problem or any kind of noise coming from the transmission. It hasn't had the fluid changed it well over a year, let me know what you think.



02-14-06, 08:02 PM
I am assuming that when you check the fluid level, that you are checking it "warm and level"

If you can get under the car, that would be best, check the pan and the pinion seal. If it is "soaked," that is the transmission is wet all over, clean the transmission (degreaser and a hose), drive it on dry roads to warm it up, park it on level and put a clean piece of card board underneath.

Two other spots would be where the trans dipstick goes in and on top of the transmission, there is a vent, if the tranny is overfilled the vent will leak.