: 95 sts starting problems

01-02-04, 06:07 AM
well in the morning start fine and whe add gas,i change the fuel filter but still the problem thanks for the help..............................!

01-02-04, 09:35 AM
So this is a hot-start thing... IE you cant start the car when warm??? Or does it only happen when the engine is warm and you add gas???

01-03-04, 12:26 AM
In the morning, the car starts fine. If after the car is warmed-up I stop somewhere and turn it off for a little while - like in a parking for a few minutes or to get gas - when I come back and try to start it up, it starts fine no matter if the car is warmed up or still cold. BUT if the car is off for five or six hours - like when I am at work and the car is not cold like it gets overnight- I have to crank it about three times and each one is very long and in the last time it sounds like starting up for a while and finally does start up. (Computer codes that appear are TPS, idle control and coolant temperature sensor.)

01-03-04, 11:58 AM
I woudl look into fixing the TPS, idle control and temp sensor (important) and see if that fixes it... Even if it doesnt those are things that should be fixed..

01-03-04, 01:36 PM
Emphasis on the Coolant temp. sensor.....

01-03-04, 03:46 PM
I run into that problem on my 94 sts,Relacing the Fuel Pressure Regulator fixed it.The FPR is a small canister that is attached to the fuel rail.To check it, remove the vaccum line from the FPR nipple,turn on your ignition to pressurized the fuel rail and if you see fuel comming out of the FPR nipple then bingo.Some times you might not see the fuel leaking but the FPR is only about 100 bucks.Good luck it will also increase your gas milages.