: Pics of 20" Foose speedsters!

02-13-06, 06:19 PM
Well, here are the pics of the 20" foose speedsters that I have for sale! They are all 20"x 8.5! The bolt pattern is 6x115! Who ever went to SEMA more than likely saw these on al lot of show vehicles! The tires are almost brand new! They are Falkens 255/35/ZR20! Price is 2300 plus shipping to the west coast! Ilive in Phoenix AZ if any locals would like to pic them up! They fit CTS-v STS-v and SRX! Thy were on uncles CTS-V! Let me know if interested! These tires alone are 1300 dollars plus! Wheels basically have to be ordered upon request at any shop because not too many vehicles have this bolt pattern! Only one has a minor ding on it, but only noticeable up close and there are normal scuffs(not noticable)from daily drving on two of them, which I think were in the rear of car! No curb damage at all! Enough said, here are the pics! E-mail if you would like more pics of them or if you have any questions! I rerally appreciate the people that e-mail me from my other post! My e-mail is waldo0549@msn.com ! My name is Gerardo Perez!


02-14-06, 09:13 AM
Stop posting your stuff for sale in places besides the site's classifieds section.