: Strange Noise Part 2

02-13-06, 03:45 PM
Turned my car on this morning, after a record low of 30 something here in Gainesville last night. Anyways I noticed an odd noise coming from the enigine, my heart sank, and uh-oh kicked in. I popped the hood, and heard the larger pully/belt (the one nearest the intake box) was making the noise - it sounded like a strained belt on pulley noise, plus the pulley seemed to be maybe vibrating. It got waaay worse when I turned the steering wheel. Even sitting still and just turning the steering wheel left and right made the noise really loud (did someone install a supercharger on my car last night) thats how noticeable. It ended up going away a short time later after the car had warmed up. Anyone have any idea what that was???? Is it something to be worried about? I figured it was just the belt experiencing below freezing the night before, and simply being rigid bc of that. Anyways and help is appreciated.

02-13-06, 05:19 PM
Sounds like power steering pump or fluid.

02-13-06, 06:38 PM
What you're hearing is the sound I hear EVERYTIME I start the car in cold weather. Once I needed to catch a train in the morning and didn't let it warm-up fully, the bicth squealed all the way to the station!!!
If you wait a few mins, the fluid moves around a little and the noise will stop.

These are the little things that come with living in cold climates...don't worry, as Cadillac states...."it's normal".

Package come yet?

02-13-06, 07:15 PM
Nope. I actually lost the tracking #, so I cannot even see where it is? Im sure its on its way. Im betting on Friday it will come.

Thanks for the insight, I guess Ill have to get used to it, as it seems to keep getting colder here in "sunny warm" florida.

02-13-06, 09:37 PM
Sounds like power steering pump or fluid.

It sounds like the noise I had as a result of slightly low power steering fluid.

02-13-06, 11:00 PM
Top off your power steering fluid and it should take care of it. It only has to be a tad low to do this.


02-14-06, 12:54 AM
Agreed - add power steering fluid. I had a similar situation being only an ounce or two low.

02-14-06, 08:19 AM
My 2004 V developed this problem with +/-25K miles. It developed a power steering fluid leak and the pump required replacement. No problems since, the car now has 35K miles.

The noise was quite loud, particularly after it had been sitting overnight in cold weather. The noise would stop after 5 minutes or so.

The dealer, Crestview Cadillac Columbus diagnosed the problem and corrected it under warranty with no hassle.

Hope this helps.

02-14-06, 10:59 AM
I need to get mine to the dealer then. Mine squeals like hell under about 50 degrees. Of course, I don't notice it often, but when it's cold, it's there. I'll check the fluid level, and check for leaks.

Thanks for the info on this. The colder it is out, the louder this noise is, until the car warms up.