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02-12-06, 01:40 PM
Hi All

Became aware today of the youngest Catera I have been able so far to locate: build date of this automobile is 12/00.

Previous record holder was built 11/00.

I am unaware of any 2001 Catera actually assembled in calendar year 2001.

If you own a 2001 Catera built in 2001, it would be great to hear from you and to learn about your very special car.


[the build date (month and year only) of your 2001 Catera is inscribed on a data plate located on the rear edge of the driver's door]

04-16-06, 10:00 PM
My Catera built 10/2000

04-17-06, 07:12 AM
My Catera built 10/2000

Smike, thanks! That's good information.

Really I had forgotten this thread from so long ago, but I did continue to watch for more recent build dates, just out of curiosity.

Truth is, 12/2000 CONTINUES to be the build date of the youngest Catera I have found.

If there is a 2001 Catera out there which actually was BUILT in 2001, I am unaware.

Just my gut feel, but I think they did not build any Cateras in calendar year 2001.

Instead GM rebuilt the Ruesselsheim factory!