: Hi I am New Here, Like To Introduce Myself

02-12-06, 01:35 PM
First time poster, long time Caddy owner. I own an '04 Seville SLS and all though it doesn't have quite the power of my last two cars which were STS's, I still love the car and the ride very much.
Something very strange happened last night and it has never happened to me before. I was wondering if it's my car.
I was driving in the snow, not a lot of snow on the ground. I was doing about 40 in the right lane. I was just cruising along not stopping or turning. not up or down a hill. Just a straight highway, even accelation, when suddenly the car just starting moving into the left lane and then slide right off the road and into ditch.:eek:
It just floated across the highway and I had no control over it.
Black ice is what people are telling me is the probable cause.
Has anyone had this happen? Could there be a problem with my car?
I would appreciate any input, I don't feel safe in the car now.

02-12-06, 02:32 PM
Welcome Barbie!

I hope you are okay? Sounds like a very scarry ride! I does sound like a classic case of black ice. It is a very unpredicable driving condition, unless you have tire chains and or studded snow tires you will not be able to control your direction of travel even at very slow speeds. Once you start a skid on ice you are at the mercy of the momentum you have and the direction you were last traveling. I live in New England and rarely travel during those conditions and consider myself a seasoned winter driver. If you did not experience mechanical failure, then black ice could be the cause.

Good Luck

02-12-06, 03:58 PM
Thanks Paul!! Yes, I am okay. it was scary but luckily no real harm done. Whew!!!

I appreciate your opinion. It must have been black ice that caused the slide.

I think you have the right idea regarding not driving in those conditions.

I live in the western surburbs of Chicago and you would think I would have experienced that before. I guess I was lucky.

Maybe it's time I moved to a nicer climate.


02-13-06, 06:36 AM
Check your wheel alignment, 4 wheel. My rears were out on my Eldorado and it was causing similar things. If my left wheel were on ice the car would jump to the left because the wheels were toed inward a bit. (toward each other) It was EXREMELY annoying as I do live in Michigan and it felt like it wanted to go everywhere, and required deliberate effort just to keep it going more or less straight even at 30-40 mph with a little snow on the road. (usually I can keep up 50-55 in light snow with easy stopping and steering)

02-13-06, 06:45 AM
Maybe it's time I moved to a nicer climate.


looks like here are the options...

no rain for 3 months = Arizona
rain for three months= California
black ice=where you are(hide)
Katrina, Jeanne, Charley, Rita, etc. etc.=Where I am

dunno..the black ice is lookin prety good to me...

Welcome Barbie..

sounds like an isolated incident involving wet cold weather.

I wouldnt be too concerned (grateful yes, concerned..nah) unless it happens on a dry roadway in normal conditions...

bet it was a bit scarey..