: thinking about buying an old cadillac...

01-01-04, 07:49 PM
a 1969 deville convertible. is there anything i should look out for?

any help is greatly appreciated.

01-01-04, 09:04 PM
The DeVilles of that era are Solid as demonstrated by Undercover Brother. The 472s are solid, the TH400s are solid, the only thing that seems to affect these cars is rust.

01-01-04, 10:38 PM
Excellent choice. The problems these cars do have are pretty minor.

1. The clock usually doesn't work.
2. The power Antenna usually doesn't work
3. The A/C compressor is known to be tempermental
4. The rear of the passenger side fender is prone to rust.
5. The sheetmetal around the lower corners of the back window is prone to rust also.

Thats about it.

01-04-04, 01:03 PM
Yes, that is an excellent choice. I think the 1969 styling is the best looking cadillac there is. One more thing you need to know about, though.

The way the climate control system is designed, the blower is ALWAYS ON when the car is running, even when the climate control lever is in the 'OFF' position.

When the lever is in the 'OFF' position, none of the other components are energized, and the airflow is shunted back into the engine compartment through what is called the 'purge door'. The purpose of the system's unusual operation is to ensure that no moisture builds up on the evaporator or heater core to create unplesant odors.

Over time, you could wind up with two unusual conditions with this set-up:

1) When the controls are off, or before the coolant is warm enough to initiate system turn-on, you get a constant flow of unheated air out of the floor ducts. This happens because the vacuum solenoid (which controls the purge door) is burned out, and the purge door is always closed. It's an easy part to replace, though.

2) The blower motor bearings wear out, and you get a really annoying squeal from under the hood ALL THE TIME. Another easy fix, just replace the blower motor (you can actually get them at either NAPA or AutoZone).

Other than that and what others have posted, this has been an amazingly reliable vehicle. Last year I drove it from Idaho to New York City for Christmas, with no issues. You should get years of pleasure from your convertible.

01-04-04, 07:03 PM
The only convertible experience I've had was with a 73 Eldo. Make sure the electrical system for the top is in good order and also the tops frame itself. Make sure nothing binds up in it's movement. It's not fun trying to move them by hand. Also make sure it latches flush and pray leaks are at a minimum. Otherwise just look for the typical rust and wear items. Typical places for bad rust that I've noticed is where the bumpers meet the the body. Ususally around the corners, wheel wells of course. If it has removavble skirts look around the seem of the skirt. And in the case of a convertible, around the rear deck and between the back of the top and the rear bulk head.